Broad-Leaved Parsley (Caucalis Latifolia, L.)

The habitat of this plant is cornfields, waste places, chiefly on a chalky soil. The habit is erect. The stem is rough, simple, finely furrowed, round. The leaves have the lobes arranged each side of a common stalk, with leaflets divided nearly to the base, lance-shaped, coarsely toothed, the base running down the stem. The flowerheads are white or pink, in shortly-stalked umbels with 2-4 rays, the bracts membranous. The branches, bearing 5 fruits, with prickles in 2-3 rows, rough, are 5-seeded. The plant is 6-18 in. in height, and flowers in June and July, being a herbaceous annual.

Spreading Hedge Parsley (Caucalis Arvensis, Huds.)

The habitat of this plant is fields, hedgebanks, roadsides, waste places, and cornfields. The habit is erect, the stem roughly hairy, much-branched, solid, with angles, bearing numerous leaves, once or twice pinnate, the leaflets loose, lance-shaped, cut or coarsely toothed. The flowers are white or pink, in terminal stalked umbels, with 2-8 rays, irregular. There is an involucre of one bract or none. The oblong fruit is rough, with spreading hooked prickles at the tips. The plant is 6-18 in. in height, and is in flower between July and September, being a herbaceous annual.