Small Fleabane (Pulicaria Vulgaris, L. = P. Prostrata, Aschers)

The habitat of this plant is moist sandy places, heaths, and wet places. The habit is erect. The whole plant is downy and glandular. The stem is leafy, much-branched. The leaves are oblong, narrow below, lance-shaped, stalkless, with a few teeth, wavy, somewhat clasping the stem. The flowerheads are more or less solitary, terminal and lateral, hemispherical. The florets are yellow. The ray florets are very short. The ligules are erect and very short. The flower - stalks are short and stout. The involucral bracts are awl-like, glandular to downy. The fruit is round, the outer pappus consists of distinct scales, the pappus hairs are few, dirty-white, and unequal. The plant is 3-18 in. in height, and flowers between August and September. The plant is a herbaceous annual.

Field Southernwood (Artemisia Campeslris, L.)

The habitat of this plant is sandy heaths in the E. of England. The habit is erect. The stems are woody, with ascending branches, grooved, slender, the barren stems tufted. The leaves are twice pinnate, the young leaves being silky. The segments are few, acute with bent-back margins, linear to lance-shaped, with a blunt point. The flowering stems are slender, ascending in flower, smooth and leafy. The flowerheads are numerous, smooth, drooping, in long slender racemes, ovoid, nearly stalkiess, the outer flowers only being fertile. The florets are yellow. The receptacle is glabrous. The plant is not aromatic. The involucral bracts are smooth, ovate, with a membranous margin, and purplish. The corolla in the ray florets is dilated below. The fruit is oblong. There is no pappus. The plant is 1-3 ft. high, flowering in August and September. It is a herbaceous perennial.

Tall Heath Groundsel (Senecio Sylvaticus, L.)

The habitat of this plant is dry banks, pastures, heathy, dry, gravelly places. The habit is erect. The stem is leafy, hairy, branched. The whole plant is sticky and foetid, and glandular, downy. The leaves are deeply divided to the base, downy, the lobes oblong, with unequal teeth. The florets are yellow. The flowerheads form a corymb, and are numerous, spreading, cylindrical, narrow. The involucre is down)'. There are few, short, or no outer involucral bracts. The flower-stalks are slender. The ligules are short. The ray is small and turned-back. The fruit is silky, and faintly ribbed. The plant is from 6 in. to 3 ft. in height, and flowers between July and September. It is an annual.

Smooth Cat's Ear (Hypochceris Glabra, L.)

The habitat of this plant is sandy ground, dry fields, sandy and gravelly places. The habit is erect, or the rosette habit. The aerial flowering stem is smooth, branched, leafless. The leaves are in a rosette, radical, oblong, toothed, wavy, or divided nearly to the base. The flowers are yellow, the florets equalling the involucre. The fruit is reddish-brown, with dirty-white pappus, longer than the involucre, and the inner fruits only are beaked. The plant is 6-12 in. in height, and flowers from June to August, being a herbaceous annual.