Grass-Leaved Simethis (Pubilaria Plamfolta, Druce = Simethis Bicolur, Kunth)

This plant was found on Poole Heath, near Bournemouth, which was subsequently planted with firs. The habitat elsewhere is sandy heaths and rocky places. The habit is lily-like. The root consists of stout, fleshy fibres. The stem is inclosed in flat or concave, sheathing scales, surrounded by brown, torn fibres like the leaves. The leaves are flat, linear, keeled, long-pointed, bent-back. The scape is as long as the leaves, branched or forked. The bracts are slender. The flower-stalks are slender and rigid. The flowers are purple, in a corymb. The perianth-segments are oblong, blunt, concave, purple on the back, white within (hence bicolor). The capsule is bluntly angular. The seeds are black. The plant is 6-18 in. high, flowering in May and June, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Crow Garlic (Allium Vineale, L.)

The habitat of this species is fields, pastures, dry places, and waste places. The habit is grass-like, the stem leafy. The bulb is small. The leaves are hollow, adapted to dry conditions and wind, erect, flat, or grooved, round, and become faded when the plant is in flower. The spathe is single, with a long beak, short, the round umbellate heads producing bulbils, and the leaves may also bear bulbs. The flowers are pale rose-colour or green (replaced by bulbs in van compactum). The tip of the slender flower-stalk is thickened. The anther-stalks are exposed, and the stamens are 3-cleft, the anther-stalks being half as long as the lateral points. The stamens project. The plant is 1-3 ft. in height, and flowers in July, being a herbaceous perennial.

Autumnal Squill (Scilla autumnalis, L.) - The habitat of this plant is dry pastures in the S. and W., chiefly near the sea, and rocks. The leaves are autumnal (hence autumnalis), appearing after the flowers. Linear, numerous, narrow, half-rounded, grooved above. There are no bracts. The scapes are numerous, as long as the leaves. The flowers are pale-blue, with a green line down the back, in a short raceme, on ascending or spreading stalks. The anthers are purple. The capsule is small. The plant is 4-6 in. high, flowering from July to September, and is a herbaceous perennial.