Poa Balfouri, Parn

This grass is found on hills in the north of England and Scotland. The habit is creeping. The upper sheath is equal to the leaf in length. The ligule is large, blunt. The panicle is erect, spreading. The plant is 9-18 in. in height. It flowers in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hard Fescue (Festuca Rigida, Kunth = Schle-Rochlua Rigida, Link)

The habitat of this species is dry rocks, walls, dry calcareous places. The plant has the grass habit. The plant is often purplish in colour, smooth. The root is fibrous. The stems are slender, wiry, erect. The leaves are nearly flat or have the margin inrolled, and are more or less bristle-like. The sheaths are round and grooved, The ligule is oblong. The panicle is lance-shaped, nearly simple, rigid, compact, the branches distichous. The spikelets are 3-5, more or less stalkless, linear, with a narrow point. The rachis is broadly channelled, rough at the edge. The upper glumes reach as far as the third floret. The flowering glumes are smooth, shining, round, 7-10, acute, with faint nerves. The flower-stalks are short, stout, half-round in section. The plant is 3-6 in., flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous annual.

Agropyron dontanum, F. B. White =A. a/pitium, Don = T. biflorum, Brigh. Mitt. - The habitat of this species is mountain cliffs. The plant is erect, and the leaves are thin and flat, with many slender ribs. The panicle is close. The spikelets are 2-6-flowered. The glumes have a short awn, and are strongly 4-6-ribbed, the awn, ribs, edges, and tips rough. The lower palea is narrowed abruptly, and has membranous margins at the tips, 4-6-ribbed, with an awn quarter to half its length. The upper palea is blunt-pointed, densely fringed with hairs on the lateral keels, densely rough with a prominent midrib towards the tip, the lateral ribs toothed at the tip, which fall short of the apex. The axis is hairy, the rachis fringed with hairs. The plant is 1-2 ft. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Flowers are lilac, the calyx teeth densely hairy. The lower part of the calyx and corolla are smooth, as are the ultimate flower-stalks. The bracts are all leafy, the uppermost with no flowers. The plant is 1-2 ft. in height, flowering from August to October, and the plant is a herbaceous perennial. Water Germander (Teucrium Scordium, L.). - The habitat of this plant is wet meadows and marshes. The habit is erect, or prostrate below, the stem hairy, much branched from the base. The leaves are oblong, without stalks, toothed, green on each side. The corolla is purple, the flowers being borne in whorls in the axils. The teeth of the calyx are short and equal. The bracts resemble the leaves. The lower lip of the corolla is spotted. The plant is 4-24 in. in height. The period of flowering is from July to October. It is a herbaceous perennial.