Hairy Crowfoot (Ranunculus Hirsutus, Curt.)

The habitat of this plant is roadsides in places where water lies stagnant, wet meadows, cultivated fields, waste land, and cornfields. The plant is erect, with more or less the rosette habit. The root is fibrous. The stem is erect, many-flowered. The radical leaves have 3 stalked, cut segments divided into 3 lobes nearly to the base, the upper with narrow, acute segments. The flowers are pale yellow, the sepals turned back, hairy, the petals with a scale over the gland. The receptacle is hairy. The flower-stalks are furrowed, with spreading or turned-back hairs. The achenes are tubercled along the border, broad, flattened, round, with a short, curved beak. The plant is 6-15 in. high, flowering from June to October, and is a herbaceous annual.