Staphylea. trifolia.-----Family, Bladder Nut. Color, white.

Leaves, opposite, pinnate or 3-foliate, with long, narrow stipules; the two side leaflets sessile, the middle one with petiole, finch-serrate, ovate, pointed at apex. Flowers, perfect. Calyx, 5-parted, often tinged with pink. Petals, 5, contracted into a tube below. Stamens, 5, with long, slender filaments and yellow anthers opening inward. Styles, 3, as long as the stamens. Fruit, a 3-celled, membranous pod, like 3 adhering pods, 2 inches long, tipped with a style, splitting at the top when ripe and disclosing 1 to 4 bony seeds. Flowers, in drooping racemes, lull-shape, terminating the small branches. April and May.

A large, irregular shrub, 8 to 12 feet high, with smooth, grayish bark in which long, white cracks occur. Bark of the older branches greenish brown with lighter stripes. Edges of damp woods, thickets, and moist soil from New England southward to South Carolina and Missouri.