Nemopanthus mucronata-----Family, Holly. Color, whitish.

Leaves, oblong or broadly oval, tapering at base, acute at apex. smooth, pale green, with a few small teeth or entire, on short, slender petioles. Flowers, of two kinds, the staminate, clustered or single, on long pedicels, with minute calyx teeth; the pistillate with 4 or 5 linear petals. Stamens, 4 or 5, with prominent anthers on long, slender, protruding filaments. Berry, pale crimson, ripe in August, containing 4 or 5 nutlets in yellow pulp. May.

Shrub 6 to 8 feet high, with grayish bark, the older stems often covered with brown or gray lichens. Low, wet woods or swamps, from Maine to Virginia, westward to Wisconsin.