S. sempewirens - Color, golden yellow. Flowers, large, closely bunched, in various shapes, broad or elongated, or dense and thick. Stem, tall, or low and spreading. Leaves, thick, fleshy, lance-shaped, smooth, entire, the lower ones slightly clasping, upper smaller, less fleshy. Stout - stemmed, very leafy and bushy. August to November.

One of the handsomest of the golden-rods, because presenting such a mass of golden color in its blossoms. Lining the salt marshes on shores of Long Island bays and all the Eastern States near the coast. (See illustration, p. 219.)

Beach golden rod (Solidcigo sempcrvirens)

Beach golden-rod (Solidcigo sempcrvirens)

S. graminifolia. - In this and the next species the flowers are massed in flat corymbs instead of elongated racemes. Leaves, 3-ribbed, long, narrow, smooth, except for a roughness along the veins and margins. Heads of flowers of a light yellow, in wide-spreading masses. Plant, as a whole, pretty, and of a light, graceful foliage. August to October.

Golden rod (Solidago graminifolia)

Golden-rod (Solidago graminifolia)

It grows along roadsides, and is often covered with dust. 2 to 3 feet high. Very common along the coast to New Jersey. (See illustration, p. 221.)