(name means "black wheat," from the dark seed)

Family, Figwort. Color, greenish white and yellow. Calyx and corolla, tubular, the calyx with bristly, rather long teeth, the corolla 2-lipped, the upper lip cream or dull white, arched, covering the stamens; lower 3-lobed, nearly 1/2 inch long, yellow. Flowers, toward the top, single, in the leaf-axils. Stamens, 4. Pistil, 1. Leaves, opposite, linear or lance-shaped, very pointed at apex, rounded or truncate at base, on short petioles. Those below entire; those among the flowers having 2 to 6 pointed, almost bristly teeth at their base. May to August.

Open woods, in dry soil from Nova Scotia south to Georgia, west to Minnesota. One of our commonest plants of thin woods, including pine woods; low, shrubby, branched, with flowers and floral leaves hardly to be distinguished from one another in color (leaves being pale yellowish green), crowded toward the top of the stem.