Family, Figwort. Color, rose purple or a purplish pink. (Most botanists call it purple, but to me it is more on the crimson tint.) Leaves, opposite, linear, pointed at apex, rough on ma gins. Late summer, August to October.

Forsaking the regular 2-lipped type of the Figwort Family, the gerardia blossoms are bell-shape, with irregular, spreading, round-lobed borders. The short calyx-teeth arc sharp-pointed. Flowers, 1 inch across, showy, growing on divergent branches. Supposed to be root-parasitic. I haw-seen the purple gerardia in spreading masses covering sandy ground with mats several feet in width. Near the coast from Massachusetts to Florida and Texas.

Seaside Gerardia G. maritima. - Color, bright rose. Much like the purple gerardia, but with calyx-leaves and stem somewhat fleshy. Stem, 6 to 12 inches high. In salt marshes near the seashore, from Maine to Florida. July to August.