Family, Borage. Color, light blue with yellow eye. Calyx, tubular. Corolla, salver-form, the lobes open and spreading. Leaves, oblong or lance - shape, entire, sessile, on slender, weak stems, which are loosely branched, rooting at the lower joints.

True Forget me not. (Myosous scorpiodes)

True Forget-me-not. (Myosous scorpiodes)

Cultivated and sometimes found wild, escaped.

M. laxa.. - Color, blue. Flowers, in very loose racemes. Leaves, oblong or lance-shaped, softly hairy. June and July.

Marshes, banks of small streams. Every one knows the little forget-me-nots, and where to find them in the wet, grassy banks of brooks. They nestle modestly among mosses and galiums, peeping with mild eyes around clumps of onoclea fern. The flowers bloom in long, thin, leafless spikes. The stems and leaves, when rubbed upward, are somewhat rough.

Those who have seen the blue forget-me-not in shady, wet places in Europe, with its large, bright blue corolla and its full spike of blossoms, will say that we do not know this flower. Our blossoms are few and scanty, buds and fruit occupying the most of the flowering raceme.