1. Dondia Linearis (Ell.) Heller. Tall Sea-Blite

Fig. 1710

Salsola salsa var. americana Pers. Syn. 1: 296.

1805. Salsola linearis Ell. Bot. S. C. & G. 1: 332. 1821. Dondia linearis Heller, Cat. N. Am. Pl. 69. 1900. D. americana Britton, in Britt. & Brown, 111. Fl. 1:

584. 1896. Suaeda americana Fernald, Rhodora 9: 146. 1907.

Annual, dark green or purplish green, not glaucous, stem erect or procumbent, 1°-3° tall, pale green or nearly white, branched, the branches slender, very leafy, erect-ascending or sometimes recurved, more or less secund. Leaves of the stem linear-subulate, 1/2'-1 1/2' long, those of the branches much shorter, somewhat 3-angled, lanceolate-subulate, widest just above the base, the upper surface flat; sepals purple-green, glaucous, all or some of them acutely keeled or almost winged; seed orbicular, black, shining, ¥' broad.

On salt marshes, beaches, and along salt water ditches. Nova Scotia to New Jersey and Texas. Bahamas; Cuba. Sea-goosefoot. Aug.-Sept.

2. Dondia Maritima (L.) Druce. Low Or Annual Sea-Blite

Fig. 1711

Chenopodium maritimum L. Sp. Pl. 221. 1753. Suaeda maritima Dumort. Prodr. Fl. Belg. 22.

1827. Dondia maritima Druce, Ann. Scot. Nat. Hist.

1896: 42. 1896.

Annual, pale green and somewhat glaucous, stem mostly decumbent, bushy-branched, 5' - 15' high, becoming brownish, the branches ascending. Leaves 5"-12" long, those of the branches not conspicuously shorter than the upper ones of the stem, 3-angled, broadest at the base; sepals pale green, rounded or very obtusely keeled, somewhat roughened; seed orbicular, dark brownish red, shining, about 1" in diameter.

On sea beaches, stony and muddy shores, and in salt marshes, Quebec to southern New York, New Jersey and southward. Also on the coasts of Europe and of northwestern North America. July-Sept.

Suaeda Richii Fernald, of the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia, has smaller seeds, the leaves not glaucous.

2 Dondia Maritima L Druce Low Or Annual Sea Blite 53

3. Dondia Depréssa (Pursh) Britton. Western Sea-Blite

Fig. 1712

Salsola depressa Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 197. 1814.

Suaeda depressa S. Wats. Bot. King's Exp. 294. 1871.

Dondia depressa Britton; Britt. & Brown, 1ll. Fl. 1: 585. 1896.

Perennial by a deep slender woody root or sometimes annual, branched from the base and usually also above, 6-2° tall, the branches decumbent or ascending, usually very leafy. Leaves narrowly linear, 1/2'-1' long, broadest at or just above the base, or the upper lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate and commonly much shorter; sepals acute, one or more of them strongly keeled in fruit; seed about 1/2" in diameter, rather dull, minutely reticulated.

In saline soil, Minnesota to Saskatchewan Territory, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Nevada. June-Aug.

3 Dondia Depr Ssa Pursh Britton Western Sea Blite 54