5. Petalostemum Purpùreum (Vent.) Rydb. Violet Or Purple Prairie-Clover

Fig. 2516

Dalea purpurea Vent. Hort. Cels. pl. 40. 1800. Petalostemon violaceum Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 2: 50. 1803. Dalea violacea Willd. Sp. Pl. 3: 1337. 1803. Kuhnistera purpurea MacM. Met. Minn. 329. 1892. P. purpureum Rydb. Mem. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 1: 238. 1900.

Glabrous or slightly pubescent, erect, 1 1 /2°-3° high, branching above. Leaves short-petioled, more or less clustered; leaflets 3-5, narrowly linear, 3"-9" long, \"-\" wide, acutish and often mucronate at the apex, narrowed at the base, very short-stalked; spikes pe-duncled, oblong, or finally cylindric, 1/2'-2' long, about 5" thick; bracts obovate, mucronate, nearly glabrous, equalling the silky-pubescent calyx or shorter; corolla violet or purple, about 2" long; standard cordate; wings and keel-petals oblong.

Prairies and plains, Indiana to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Texas and Colorado. Often grows with P. can-didum. July-Aug. Thimbleweed. Red tassel-flower.

5 Petalostemum Purp Reum Vent Rydb Violet Or Purpl 8585 Petalostemum Purp Reum Vent Rydb Violet Or Purpl 859

6. Petalostemum Tenuifòlium A. Gray. Silky Prairie-Clover

Fig. 2517

P. tenuifolius A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 11: 73. 1876. Kuhnistera tenuifolia Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 192. 1891.

More or less pubescent, erect, branching, 1°-2° high. Leaves short-petioled; leaflets 3-5, linear, obtuse, somewhat involute, dotted with sessile glands, 3"-5" long, 1/2"-1" wide, very short-stalked or sessile; peduncles terminal, elongated, bracted; spikes ob'-long or cylindric, 1/2'-1/2' long, about 5" thick, the rachis pubescent; flowers rose-purple, about 2 1/2" long; bracts ovate, aristate, silky-pubescent, slightly exceeding the very silky-pubescent calyx; standard nearly orbicular, cordate, cucullate.

In dry soil, Kansas and Arkansas to New Mexico. July-Aug.

7. Petalostemum Foliòsum A. Gray. Leafy Prairie-Clover

Fig. 2518

Petalostemon foliosus A. Gray, Proc. Am. Acad. 7: 336. 1868.

Kuhnistera foliosa Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 192. 1891.

Erect, branching, or sometimes simple, glabrous throughout, 1°-3° high. Leaves numerous, petioled; leaflets 13-31, close together, short-stalked, linear-oblong or slightly oblanceolate, 4"-7" long, 1"-1 1/2" wide, acute or obtuse, mucronate at the apex, narrowed at the base; spikes terminal, long-ovoid or cylindric, 1'-2' long, 5"-6" thick, densely-flowered; peduncles short, bracted; bracts lanceolate, awn-pointed, longer than the glabrous calyx; flowers rose-purple, about 2" long; standard broad, nearly orbicular; wings and keel-petals oval; calyx-teeth finely ciliate.

Along rivers, Illinois, Kentucky (?) and. Tennessee. July-Aug.

7 Petalostemum Foli Sum A Gray Leafy Prairie Clove 8607 Petalostemum Foli Sum A Gray Leafy Prairie Clove 861

8. Petalostemum Villòsum Nutt. Hairy Or Silky Prairie-Clover

Fig. 2519

Petalostemon villosus Nutt. Gen. 2: 85. 1818. Dalea villosa Spreng. Syst. Veg. 3: 326. 1826. Kuhnistera villosa Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. 192. 1891.

Ascending or decumbent from a deep root, branching at the base, densely villous or silky-pubescent all over, 1°-2° high. Leaves short-petioled or nearly sessile; leaflets 9-17, approximate, linear-oblong or slightly oblanceolate, acute or obtuse and often aristate at the apex, narrowed at the base, 3"-5" long, 1"-2" wide; spikes terminal, clustered or solitary, short-peduncled, cylindric, 1'-4 1/2' long, 5"-6" thick, very dense; bracts lanceolate, acuminate, exceeding the densely villous calyx; corolla rose-purple or rarely white, standard oblong; wings and keel-petals oblong-obovate.

Prairies and sandy plains, Wisconsin to Saskatchewan, Missouri. Texas and Colorado. Aug.