1. Cathartolinum Striatum (Walt.) Small. Ridged Yellow Flax

Fig. 2677

Linum striatum Walt. Fl. Car. 118. 1788.

Linum diffusum Wood, Bot. & Flor. 66. 1870.

C. striatum Small, N. A. Fl. 251: 71. 1907.

Perennial, paniculately branched, light green and somewhat viscid, so that the plant adheres to paper in which it is dried, the stem and branches sharply angled or even winged by low ridges decurrent from the leaf-bases. Leaves usually opposite nearly up to the inflorescence, oblong, acute or obtuse; branches of the panicle short and divergent; flowers small, yellow, often clustered; capsule subglo-bose, usually rather longer than the sepals.

In bogs and swamps, rarely in drier ground, Ontario to Massachusetts, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas. Summer.

1 Cathartolinum Striatum Walt Small Ridged Yellow  10191 Cathartolinum Striatum Walt Small Ridged Yellow  1020

2. Cathartolinum Virginiŕnum (L.) Reichenb. Wild Or Slender Yellow-Flax

Fig. 2678

Linum virginianum L. Sp. Pl. 279. 1753. C. virginianum Reichenb. Handb. 307. 1837.

Perennial by suckers, erect or ascending, glabrous, rather dark green, simple below, corymbosely branched above, 1°-2° high. Stem and branches terete, slender, not stiff, striate, or slightly angled above; flowering branches ascending, or sometimes weak and recurved; fruiting branches ascending, or somewhat spreading; leaves thin, oblong or oblanceolate, spreading or ascending, I-nerved, 6"-13" long, 2"-3" wide, acute, or the lower opposite and spatulate, obtuse; pedicels filiform, the lower 2"-6" long, longer than the calyx; flowers yellow, 3"-4" broad; sepals ovate, about equalling the depressed-globose 10-celled capsule, which is about 1" high.

In shaded situations, Maine and Ontario to Georgia and Alabama. June-Aug.

2 Cathartolinum Virgini Num L Reichenb Wild Or Sle 1021

3. Cathartolinum Medium (Planch.) Small. Stiff Yellow Flax

Fig. 2679

Linum virginianum var. medium Planch. Lond. Bot. 7: 480. 1848.

Linum medium Britton in Britt. & Brown, 111. Fl. 2: 349. 1897.

Cathartolinum medium Small, N. A. Fl. 251: 72. 1907.

Perennial by suckers, glabrous; stems erect, striate, stiff, not angled, corymbosely branched above, the branches erect-ascending both in flower and in fruit; leaves firm, appressed-ascending, the lowest commonly spatulate and opposite, the others lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, acute, 4"-12" long, 1/2"-2" wide; pedicels 1/2"-3" long, the lower rarely longer than the calyx; sepals ovate, or ovate-lanceolate, acute, about equalling the depressed-globose capsule, which is about 1" high.

In dry soil, Vermont to Ontario, Massachusetts, Florida, Missouri and Texas. June-Aug.