Annual or perennial often paniculately or corymbosely branched herbs. Leaves alternate or occasionally opposite, without stipules but sometimes with stipular glands, mostly narrow, entire or serrulate, sometimes ciliate or glandular-margined. Sepals 5, persistent or deciduous, all of them or only the inner ones with gland-tipped teeth Petals 5, yellow or white, unappendaged but sometimes pubescent within near the entire base. Stamens 5; filaments united at the base, the free portions abruptly or gradually dilated at the base, not accompanied by staminodia, or rarely with a short staminodium in each sinus. Gynoecium 5-carpellary, or rarely 2-carpellary, sometimes cartilaginous at the base; styles filiform, distinct or united; stigmas distinct, terminal, capitate. Capsule ovoid or depressed, 5-ceHed, or rarely 2-celled and with firm septa, or completely or incompletely 10-celled by false septa, the carpels not ribbed on the back. Seeds flattened, often lunate. [Greek, referring to the medicinal qualities of some of the species.]

About 70 species of wide geographic distribution. Type species: Linum cathŕrticum L. Styles distinct.

Staminodia wanting; plants perennial; corolla yellow.

Sepals entire at maturity, the inner ones sometimes roughened by the bases of the deciduous

glandular hairs.

Stem paniculately branched; outer sepals short (1"-1 1/4" long); stem-leaves mostly



C. striatum.

Stem corymbosely branched; outer sepals long (1 1/2"-1 3/4" long); stem-leaves mostly



C. virginianum.

Sepals, either those of both series, or those of the inner or the outer series, glandular-toothed.

Capsules spheroidal, depressed at the apex.


C. medium.

Capsules ovoid; pointed at the apex.


C. floridanum.

Staminodia present; plants annual; corolla white.


C. catharticum.

Styles more or less united.

Sepals persistent; capsules without thickenings at the base


C. sulcatum.

Sepals deciduous; capsules with cartilaginous thickenings at the base.

Outer sepals slightly exceeding the capsules; false septa of the capsule slightly thickened.


C. rigidum.

Outer sepals greatly exceeding the capsule; false septa of the capsule thickened for about

one half their width.


C. Berlanderi.