2. Torilis Anthriscus (L.) Gmel. Erect Hedge-Parsley

Fig. 3106

Tordylium Anthriscus L. Sp. Pl. 240. 1753.

Caucalis Anthriscus Huds. Fl. Angl. Ed. 2, 114. 1778.

Torilis Anthriscus Gmel. Fl. Bad. 1: 615. 1806.

Erect, rather slender, 2°-3° high. Leaves bipinnate, or the uppermost simply pinnate, the segments lanceolate, obtuse, dentate or pinnatifid; umbels slender-peduncled, 1-2' long; pedicels 1"-2" long in fruit; rays 3-8, slender, about ¥ long; fruit ovoid-oblong, densely bristly on the secondary ribs, 1 1/2"-2" long.

In waste places, New Jersey to the District of Columbia, western New York, Ohio, Missouri and Oklahoma. Adventive from Europe. Rough- or hemlock-chervil. Scabby head. Rough cicely. July-Sept.

2 Torilis Anthriscus L Gmel Erect Hedge Parsley 1448

5. SCÁNDIX [Tonrn.] L. Sp. Pl. 256. 1753.

Annual herbs, with pinnately dissected leaves, the lobes very narrow. Flowers white, in compound several-rayed (rarely I-rayed) umbels. Involucre none, or rarely of I bract. Involucels of several entire lobed or dissected bracts. Calyx-teeth minute or obsolete. Petals mostly unequal, the outer larger. Fruit linear, or linear-oblong, flattened laterally, prolonged into a beak mostly much longer than the body; primary ribs prominent; secondary ribs none; oil-tubes solitary, or wanting. Seed-face sulcate. Stylopodium short. [Greek name of the plant.]

About 10 species, natives of the Old World, the following typical.

1. Scandix Pècten-Veneris L. Venus'- Or Lady's-Comb. Shepherd's-Needle

Fig. 3107

Scandix Pecten-Veneris L. Sp. Pl. 256. 1753.

Pubescent, stem 6'-18' high, branched, the branches ascending. Leaves 2-3-pinnately dissected, the lobes acute, less than 1/2" wide; lower leaves long-petioled; involucre none; involucels of several lanceolate bracts sometimes 2-3-lobed at the apex; flowers very nearly sessile; fruiting carpels 4"-6" long, strongly ribbed, terminated by a straight flat beak l 1/2'-2 1/2' long, about 1" wide, its edges with stiff ascending hairs.

In waste places, northern New Jersey to the District of Columbia and in ballast about the sea-ports. Fugitive from Europe or Asia. May-July. Old English names, pink or Adam's-needle, beggar's-, crake- or crow-needles, d'evil's-darning-needles, hedge-hog, needle-chervil, poukenel.

1 Scandix P Cten Veneris L Venus Or Lady s Comb Sh 1449