Mostly low perennial herbs, with odd-pinnate leaves. Flowers in cymes, or solitary, yellow or purplish. Calyx obconic or hemispheric, 5-lobed and generally 5-bracteolate. Petals 5. Stamens numerous; filaments filiform. Carpels many, on a short hemispheric receptacle. Style terminal, persistent, filiform, pubescent or plumose, not jointed, generally elongating in fruit. Seeds erect, basal. [Named in honor of Sievers.]

About 15 species of temperate alpine or arctic regions; besides the following five or six others occur in western and arctic North America. Type species: Dryas anemonoides Pall.

Leaflets 1-9, terminal one of the basal leaves orbicular-reniform; style plumose below; flowers



S. Peckii.

Leaflets numerous, cuneate; style plumose throughout; flowers light purple.


S. ciliata.

1. Sieversia Peckii (Pursh) Rydb. Yellow Mountain Avens

Fig. 2283

Geum Peckii Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 352. 1814.

Geum radiatum var. Peckii A. Gray, Man. Ed. 2, 117. 1856.

Sieversia Peckii Rydb. in Britton, Man. 508. 1901.

Sparingly pubescent or glabrate, stem 6'-2° high, erect, simple, 1-8-flowered at the summit. Basal leaves tufted, petioled, lyrately pinnate, the terminal segment very large, reniform-orbicular, sharply and irregularly dentate and slightly 3-5-lobed, 3'-6' broad; lateral leaflets few or none; flowers yellow, 6"-12" broad; bractlets of the calyx much shorter than the erect lanceolate calyx-lobes; petals obovate, often emarginate, spreading; style filiform, plumose below, naked above, 6"-8" long, not jointed.

White Mountains of New Hampshire; Mt. Kineo, Maine. July-Aug.

Sieversia radiŕta (Michx.) Greene, of the high mountains of North Carolina, to which this was referred in our first edition, differs in being hirsute-pubescent with spreading hairs, and in its broader ovate calyx-lobes.

1 Sieversia Peckii Pursh Rydb Yellow Mountain Aven 624

2. Sieversia Ciliŕta (Pursh) Rydb. Longplumed Purple Avens. Prairie-Smoke

Fig. 2282

Geum ciliatum Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 352. 1814. Geum triflorum Pursh, loc. cit. 736. 1814. Sieversia ciliata Rydb. in Britton, Man. 509. 1891.

Softly pubescent with short or spreading hairs, sea-pose; scape 6'-18' high, simple, 3-8-flowered at the summit. Basal leaves tufted, petioled, interruptedly pinnate with many small leaflets interspersed among the obovate or oval laciniate numerous larger ones; leaves of the scape 2 opposite small sessile pairs, the elongated peduncles commonly bearing another similar pair; flowers several, showy, 6"-9" broad; bractlets linear, slightly exceeding the purple lanceolate acute erect calyx-lobes; petals purplish, erect, about equalling the bractlets; head of fruit sessile; style filiform, 1'-2' long and strongly plumose throughout in fruit, not jointed.

In dry or rocky soil, Newfoundland and Labrador to New York, British Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, and in the Rocky Mountains to Arizona. Races differ in pubescence, and in the shape and toothing of the leaflets. Johnny smokers. May-July.

2 Sieversia CILI Ta Pursh Rydb Longplumed Purple A 625