2. Viorna Addisònii (Britton) Small. Addison Brown's Leather-Flower

Fig. 1945

C. Addisonii Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 2: 28. 1890. Viorna Addisonii Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 439. 1903.

Ascending or suberect, 1°-3° long, simple or branched, tufted, glaucous and glabrous. Lower leaves simple, entire or 1-4-lobed, obtuse, deep bluish-green above, glaucous beneath, sessile, clasping, 2'-4' long; upper leaves pinnate, or sometimes simple, tendril-bearing; leaflets 2-4, ovate, sessile; flowers solitary, terminal and axillary, purplish, nodding; calyx ovoid, 9"-15" long, 5"-7" broad, contracted near the summit; sepals thick, lanceolate, acute, their tips recurved; stamens numerous, pubescent above, filaments twice as long as the anthers; achenes flat, nearly orbicular, silky-pubescent; persistent styles 1'-1 1/4' long, brownish-plumose throughout.

Banks, southwestern Virginia and North Carolina; recorded from Tennessee. May-June.

Clematis viornioides Britton is a hybrid between this and V. Viorna. Roanoke, Va.

2 Viorna Addis Nii Britton Small Addison Brown s L 287

3. Viorna Pitched (T. & G.) Britton. Pitcher's Leather-Flower

Fig. 1946

Clematis Pitcheri T. & G. Fl. N. A. 1: 10. 1838. V. Simsii Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 438. 1903. Not Clematis Simsii Sweet.

A high climbing vine, the branches more or less pubescent. Leaves pinnate; leaflets entire, lobed or trifoliolate, thick, reticulated, generally mucronate; flowers solitary; calyx campanu-late, less than 1' long, purplish, pubescent; sepals with recurved margined tips; filaments hairy; persistent styles more or less pubescent, about 1' long.

Southern Indiana to Missouri, Nebraska and Texas. May-Aug.

3 Viorna Pitched T G Britton Pitcher s Leather Flo 2883 Viorna Pitched T G Britton Pitcher s Leather Flo 289

4. Viorna Versicolor Small. Pale Leather-Flower

Fig. 1947

Clematis versicolor Small; Britton, Man. 421. 1901.

Viorna versicolor Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 438. 1903.

A branching vine, up to 12° long, glabrous or slightly pubescent below the nodes. Leaves pinnate, slender-petioled; leaflets firm, apiculate, oblong to ovate-lanceolate, ¥-3' long, conspicuously reticulate, very glaucous beneath; sepals thin, purplish, lanceolate, about 10" long, glabrous, slightly recurved at the tip, achenes pubescent; persistent styles plumose, white or nearly so.

Rocky ledges, Missouri and Arkansas. July.

5. Viorna Viorna (L.) Small. Leather-Flower

Fig. 1948

Clematis Viorna L. Sp. Pl. 543. 1753.

Viorna Viorna Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 439. 1903.

A vine, climbing to the height of 10° or more over bushes in rich soil. Leaves mostly pinnate; leaflets glabrous, entire, lobed or trifoliolate; uppermost and lowest leaves often entire; calyx ovoid-campanulate, purple, the sepals remarkably thick; filaments about as long as the anthers; persistent styles plumose throughout, 1' long or more, brownish.

Banks and thickets, southern Pennsylvania to West Virginia, Georgia and Indiana. Ascends to 4000 ft. in Virginia. May-July.

Viorna fláccida Small, differing by entire, more pubescent leaflets, the calyx lavender with green tips, occurs in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Viorna Ridgwayi Standley, of Illinois, has long-tipped leaf-lobes or leaf-segments.

5 Viorna Viorna L Small Leather Flower 2905 Viorna Viorna L Small Leather Flower 291