5. Micranthes Micranthidifolia (Haw.) Small. Lettuce Saxifrage

Fig. 2160

Robertsonia micranthidifolia Haw. Syn. Pl. Succ.

322. 1812. Saxifraga erosa Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 311. 1814. S. micranthidifolia B.S.P. Prel. Cat. N. Y. 17. 1888. M. micranthidifolia Small, Fl. SE. U. S. 501. 1903.

Scape rather slender, more or less viscid, 1°-3° high, bracted above. Leaves oblanceo-late or oval, sometimes 1° long, obtuse at the apex, tapering downward into a long margined petiole, coarsely and sharply dentate; panicle loose, elongated; flowers white, regular, 2"-3" broad; calyx-lobes reflexed, slightly shorter than the oval or oblong obtuse petals; calyx-tube free from the ovary; filaments club-shaped; follicles lanceolate, sharp-pointed, 2"-3" long, their tips at length divergent.

In cold brooks, Bethlehem, Pa., south along the mountains to North Carolina. May-June.

6. Micranthes Caroliniàna (A. Gray) Small. Gray's Saxifrage

Fig. 2161

Saxifraga caroliniana A. Gray, Mem. Am.

Acad. 3: 39. 1846. Saxifraga Grayana Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 178. 1894. M. caroliniana Small, N. A. Flora 222: 146. 1905.

Glandular-pilose all over, scapose from a corm-like rootstock, scape 6'-18' tall. Basal leaves clustered, oblong, oval or nearly orbicular, 1'-5' long, crenate-den-tate, narrowed into margined petioles, mostly shorter than the blade and dilated at the base; inflorescence cymose-panicu-late, ample; bracts spatulate or lanceolate; flowers white, 4"-5" broad; calyx-tube adnate to the ovary, its segments ovate-oblong, reflexed, obtuse; petals ovate or oblong-ovate, obtuse, 2-spotted, narrowed into a slender claw; filaments club-shaped; follicles oblong, 2"-3" long, united only at the base, diverging; styles subulate.

In rocky situations, mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. June-July.

6 Micranthes Carolini Na A Gray Small Gray s Saxif 503

7. Micranthes Gèum (L.) Small. Kidney-Leaved Saxifrage

Fig. 2162

Saxifraga Geum L. Sp. Pl. 401. 1753.

M. Geum Small, N. A. Flora 222: 148. 1905.

Densely glandular-pubescent, scapose, scape erect, 3'-10' high. Leaves all clustered at the base, cordate, kidney-shaped or orbicular, 1/2'-1' wide, coarsely crenate all around, borne on stout densely pubescent petioles 1'-2 1/2' long; inflorescence terminal, paniculate; bracts small, linear, obtuse; branches of the panicle ascending, 2-6-flowered; flowers 2"-3" broad; petals white, oblong or ovate-oblong, with a yellow spot at the base and several smaller purplish spots at the middle; calyx-lobes lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, reflexed; capsule oblong, its beaks slightly divergent.

Newfoundland and in the mountainous parts of Europe. June-July.

7 Micranthes G Um L Small Kidney Leaved Saxifrage 504