Spatularia Haw. Saxifr. Enum. 47. 1821. Not Pers. 1791.

Perennial herbs, with leafy caudices and solitary or tufted scapes and basal usually spatulate toothed leaves, the flowers in open panicled cymes, their parts sometimes changed into bulblets. Calyx-lobes 5, reflexed. Corolla white or mainly so, irregular, the petals all clawed, the 3 upper with ovate, lanceolate or sagittate blades, the 2 lower ones with elliptic or spatulate blades, or in plants that bear terminal flowers, the lower petals somewhat simulate the upper ones. Stamens 10; filaments subulate. Ovary chiefly superior, the carpels united at the base or to below the middle. Follicles erect, except the ascending or diverging tips. [Greek, referring to the turgid follicles.]

About 12 species, natives of the north temperate and boreal parts of both hemispheres. Type species: Saxifraga leucanthemifolia Michx.

Inflorescence with bulblets.


H. foliolosa.

Inflorescence without bulblets.

Primary bracts of the inflorescence not leaf-like; petals stout-clawed.


H. stellaris.

Primary bracts of the inflorescence leaf-like; petals slender-clawed.


H. petiolaris.

1. Hydatica Folioldsa (R. Br.) Small. Foliose Saxifrage

Fig. 2163

Saxifraga stellaris var. comosa Poir. in Lam. Encycl. 6: 680. 1804. Saxifraga foliolosa R. Br. in Parry's Voy. 275. 1824. Saxifraga comosa Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 178. 1894.

Scape slender, slightly viscid, 2'-6' high. Leaves oblanceolate, cuneate at the base, dentate and mostly obtuse at the apex, 4"-9" long; flowers few, white, regular, many or sometimes all of them replaced by little tuftes of leaves; calyx nearly free from the ovary, its lobes reflexed, much shorter than the sagittate obtusish petals which are narrowed into a claw, or sometimes cordate at the base.

In rocky places, Mt. Katahdin, Maine: Labrador and arctic America. Also in northeastern Asia and northern Europe. Summer.

1 Hydatica Folioldsa R Br Small Foliose Saxifrage 505

2. Hydatica Stellàris (L.) S. F. Gray. Star Or Starry Saxifrage

Fig. 2164

Saxifraga stellaris L. Sp. Pl. 400. 1753.

Hydatica stellaris S. F. Gray, Nat. Am. Brit. PI. 2: 530. 1821.

Scape naked below, bracted at the inflorescence, glabrous or slightly viscid, 4'-12' high. Leaves oblong, oblanceolate or obovate, sharply and coarsely dentate, tapering into a broad petiole, 1/2'-2' long; flowers loosely cymose-paniculate, regular, about 5" broad; petals white, yellow-spotted at the base; calyx nearly free from the ovary, its lobes reflexed, lanceolate, obtusish, about one-half the length of the oblong acutish petals, which are narrowed into a short claw; capsule 2" - 3" long, its tips acuminate, at length somewhat divergent.

In rocky places, reported from Labrador and Greenland. Also in arctic and alpine Europe and Asia. Kid-neywort. Summer.

2 Hydatica Stell Ris L S F Gray Star Or Starry Sax 506

3. Hydatica Petiolàris (Raf.) Small. Michaux's Saxifrage

Fig. 2165

Saxifraga leucanthemifolia Michx. Fl. Bor.

Am. 1: 268. 1803. Not LePeyr. 1803. Hexaphoma petiolaris Raf. Fl. Tell. 2: 67.

1836. Saxifraga Michauxii Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 4: 118. 1894. Spatularia petiolaris Small, N. A. Flora 222:

150. 1905. H. petiolaris Small, Fl. SE. U. S. Ed. 2, 760.


Erect, viscid-pubescent, 6'-2o' high. Basal leaves clustered, oblanceolate or oblong, acute or obtuse at the apex, 3'-7' long, narrowed into a margined petiole, coarsely and deeply dentate; flowering stem naked below, leafy-bracted above; inflorescence widely paniculate; flowers 2"-3" broad, irregular; petals clawed, white, the 3 larger ones sagittate or truncate and usually with a pair of yellowish spots at the base, the outer 2 spatulate and unspotted, narrowed at the base; calyx-tube free from the ovary, its lobes reflexed; follicles lanceolate, sharp-pointed, little divaricate, about 2\" long.

In dry rocky places, mountain summits of Virginia to Georgia. May-Sept.

3 Hydatica Petiol Ris Raf Small Michaux s Saxifrag 507