Not Gillena Adans. 1763.]

Erect perennial herbs, with nearly sessile stipulate 3-foliolate or 3-parted leaves, and white or pinkish perfect long-pedicelled flowers in loose terminal panicles. Calyx cylindric, persistent, narrowed at the throat, 10-nerved, 5-toothed, the teeth imbricated, slightly glandular. Petals 5, linear-lanceolate, spreading, convolute in the bud, somewhat unequal, inserted on the calyx. Stamens 10-20, included; filaments short; anthers large. Carpels 5, villous-pubescent, opposite the calyx-lobes. Ovules ascending; style filiform. Follicles 5, 2-4-seeded. Seeds with endosperm. [In honor of Thomas Conrad Porter, Professor in Lafayette College.]

A genus of 2 species, of North America. Type species: Porteranthus trifoliatus (L.) Britton.

Leaflets serrate; stipules subulate, mainly entire.


P. trifoliatus.

Leaflets incised; stipules broad, foliaceous, incised.


P. stipulatus.

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1. Porteranthus trifoliÓtus (L.) Britton.

Indian Physic. Bowman's-root. False


Fig. 2223

Spiraea trifoliata L. Sp. Pl. 490. 1753.

Gillenia trifoliata Moench, Meth. Suppl. 286. 1802.

P. trifoliatus Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 115. 1894.

Herbaceous from a perennial root, erect, branching, 2°-4° high, glabrous or somewhat pubescent. Stipules subulate, 2"-4" long, entire or serrate; leaflets short-stalked, oval, ovate, lanceolate or slightly obovate, acuminate at the apex, narrowed at the base, 2'-3' long, irregularly serrate; upper leaves often 3-lobed, or sometimes merely serrate; panicles few-flowered; pedicels slender; petals white or pinkish, 5"-6" long; calyx reddish; pods pubescent, subulate-tipped, little exceeding the calyx.

Woodlands, Ontario and New York to Michigan, Georgia and Missouri. Ascends to 4500 ft. in North Carolina. Stipules rarely larger, lanceolate. Meadowsweet. Indian hippo. Western dropwort. May-July.

2. Porteranthus StipulÓtus (Muhl.) Britton. American Ipecac

Fig. 2224

Spiraea stipulata Muhl.; Willd. Enum. 542. 1809.

Gillenia stipulacea Nutt. Gen. 1: 307. 1818.

P. stipulatus Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 115. 1894.

Resembling the preceding species, but generally more pubescent. Stipules foliaceous, broad, ovate, acuminate or acute, 4"-12" long, sharply incised-serrate; leaflets commonly narrower than those of the preceding, incised-serrate, or those of the lower leaves deeply pinnatifid; flowers commonly fewer and slightly smaller; pods less pubescent or sometimes quite glabrous.

In woods, western New York to Indiana and Kansas, south to Georgia, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Indian physic. June-July.

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