58. Crataegus Dispéssa Ashe. Bush's Thorn

Fig. 2392

Crataegus pyriformis Britton, Journ. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 1:5:

449. March 1900. Not Jacques. C. dispessa Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Soc. 171: 14. Dec. 1900.

A tree, sometimes 30o high, with spreading branches and occasional thorns 3/4'-1 1/2' long. Leaves broadly oval to obovate-oval, obtuse at the apex, cuneate at base, 1 1/4'-2 3/4' long, 3/4'-2 1/2' wide, sharply and sometimes doubly serrate, slightly pubescent, becoming glabrate above, pubescent especially along the veins beneath, membranous, yellow-green; corymbs many-flowered, villous; flowers about 12" broad; calyx villous, its lobes slightly villous, stamens about 20; anthers pink; styles and nutlets 4 or 5; fruit ellipsoid-pyriform, about 6" thick, bright cherry-red; calyx-lobes reflexed; nutlets ear-shaped; flesh thick, edible.

Rich bottom-lands, southern Missouri. May; fruit ripe September.

58 Crataegus Disp Ssa Ashe Bush s Thorn 734

59. Crataegus Lanuginosa Sargent. Woolly Thorn

Fig. 2393

C. lanuginosa Sarg. Trees & Shrubs 1: 113. 1903.

A tree, sometimes 25o high, with both spreading and erect branches, and numerous thorns 1 1/4'-3 1/2' long, the young thorns often bearing undeveloped leaves. Leaves ovate to suborbicular, acute at the apex, broadly cuneate to truncate at the base, coarsely and doubly serrate, 1'-2 3/4' long, 3/4'- 2 1/2' wide, appressed-pubescent, becoming scabrous above, densely white-tomentose beneath; corymbs many-flowered, white-tomentose; flowers about 10" broad; calyx-lobes ovate-lanceolate, acute; stamens about 20; anthers pink; styles and nutlets usually 5; fruit subglobose to short-ellipsoid, about 8" thick, tomentose, bright cherry-red, the calyx-tube prominent.

Common about Webb City, Missouri. May; fruit ripe September.

59 Crataegus Lanuginosa Sargent Woolly Thorn 735

60. Crataegus Coccinioides Ashe. Egbert's Thorn

Fig. 2194

Crataegus coccinioides Ashe,Journ. E. Mitch. Soc. 16: 74.

Feb. 1900. Crataegus Eggertii Britton, Bull. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 1: 447.

March 1900. C. dilatata Sarg. Bot. Gaz. 31: 9. 1901. C. speciosa Sarg. Trees & Shrubs 1: 65. 1903.

A shrub or tree, sometimes 200 high, with spreading branches, the spines 3/4'-2 1/2' long. Leaves broadly ovate, acute at the apex, rounded or truncate at the base, doubly serrate with several pairs of broad acute lobes, 1 1/2'-3 1/2' long, 1 3/4' - 3' wide, membranous, dark green above, paler and slightly tomentose along the veins beneath; corymbs 5-12-flowered, glabrous; flowers 10"-12" broad; calyx-lobes ovate, acute, glandular-serrate; stamens about 20; styles and nutlets usually 4 or 5; fruit subglobose, obtusely angled, 7"-10" thick with prominent calyx-tube and spreading calyx-lobes.

Montreal Island south to Rhode Island, west to Missouri and Kansas. May; fruit ripe September.

60 Crataegus Coccinioides Ashe Egbert s Thorn 73660 Crataegus Coccinioides Ashe Egbert s Thorn 737