55. Crataegus Kellóggii Sargent. Kellogg's Thorn

Fig. 2389

C. Kelloggii Sarg. Trees & Shrubs 1: 117. 1903.

A small tree, sometimes 25o high, with erect branches, rough bark and occasional straight spines, 1' long. Leaves broadly ovate to suborbicular, rounded at the apex, broadly cuneate or truncate at the base, 1 1/4'2 3/4' long, 1'-2 3/4' wide, serrate or doubly serrate with broad lobes above the middle, dark yellow-green, slightly pubescent, becoming glabrate above, pubescent along the veins beneath; petioles slender, villous when young; corymbs pubescent; flowers about 7" broad; calyx slightly villous, the lobes glabrous outside, nearly entire; stamens about 20; anthers red; styles and nutlets usually 5; fruit subglobose to short-ovoid, bright yellow, 10"-12" thick; calyx-lobes spreading.

Occasional in bottom-lands of the River Des Peres, Carondelet, Mo. April; fruit ripe September.

56. Crataegus Villipes Ashe. Thin-Leaved Thorn

Fig. 2390

Crataegus Holmesiana Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch. Soc. 16: 78.

Feb. 1900. Not C. Holmesii Lesq. Crataegus tenuifolia Britton, Bull. N. Y. Bot. Gard. 1: 448.

March 1900. Not Guild. Crataegus Holmesiana var. villipes Ashe, Journ. E. Mitch.

Soc. 172: 11. 1901. C. villipes Ashe, Ann. Cam. Mus. 1: 388. 1902.

A tree, sometimes 30o high, with strongly ascending branches, the thorns 1 1/2'-2 1/2' long. Leaves elliptic-ovate, acute or acuminate at the apex, cuneate at the base, 1' - 3 1/2 long, 3/4'-2 1/2' wide, serrate or doubly serrate with 4-6 pairs of acute or acuminate lobes with tips usually reflexed, pubescent, or at length scabrous above, pubescent along the veins beneath; corymbs glabrous or slightly pubescent; flowers about 8" broad; stamens 5-10; styles and nutlets usually 3 or 4; fruit pyriform or ellipsoid, crimson, about 6" thick, the calyx-lobes enlarged, erect, persistent.

Maine and Quebec to central Michigan, south in the mountains to North Carolina. May; fruit ripe August-September.

56 Crataegus Villipes Ashe Thin Leaved Thorn 732

57. Crataegus Anómala Sargent. Oblong-Leaved Thorn

Fig. 2391

C. anomala Sarg. Rhodora 3: 74. 1901. C. oblongifolia Sarg. Bull. N. Y. State Mus. 105: 60. 1906.

A shrubby tree, sometimes 20o high, with numerous spines 1 1/4'-2' long. Leaves oblong to ovate, 1 1/4'-3 1/2' long, 3/4'-3' wide, acute at the apex, broadly cuneate to truncate at the base, serrate or doubly serrate with acute lobes, slightly pubescent, becoming scabrous above, densely villous along the veins beneath, yellow-green; petioles pubescent, 1/4'-3/4' long, many-flowered; corymbs and calyx villous; flowers 7" or 8" broad; stamens about 10; styles and nutlets 4 or 5; fruit pyriform-ellipsoid, 7"-10" thick, crimson, the calyx-tube prominent, the lobes slightly spreading, persistent, pubescent; flesh thick, edible.

Quebec to Massachusetts and New York. May; fruit ripe October.

57 Crataegus An Mala Sargent Oblong Leaved Thorn 733