2. Rhexia Virginica L. Meadow-Beauty. Deer-Grass

Fig. 3010

Rhexia virginica L. Sp. Pl. 346. 1753. Rhexia latifolia Bush, Rhodora 13: 167. 1911.

Stem rather stout, simple or branched above, square, the angles often slightly winged, more or less pubescent, 1°-1 1/2° high. Leaves ascending, sessile or short-petioled, ovate or ovate-oval, acute or acutish at the apex, rounded or rarely narrowed at the base, 1'-2' long, 6"-12" wide, usually with a few scattered hairs on both surfaces, mostly 5-nerved, the margins ciliate-serrulate; flowers bright purple, cymose, short-pedicelled, 1'-1 1/2 broad; calyx-tube and pedicels glandular-pubescent; petals rounded or slightly retuse; anthers linear, curved, minutely spurred on the back.

In sandy swamps, Maine to Florida, Ontario, northern New York, Iowa, Missouri and Louisiana. Ascends to 2000 ft. in Pennsylvania. Handsome Harry. July-Sept.

3. Rhexia Aristósa Britton. Awn-Petaled Meadow-Beauty

Fig. 3011

Rhexia aristosa Britton, Bull. Torr. Club 17: 14. pl. 99. 1890.

Stem square, slender, glabrous, branched or simple 1 1/2°-2° high. Leaves sessile, erect, oblong or linear-oblong, obtusish at each end, 9'-15" long, 1 1/2"-3" wide, 3-nerved, serrate toward the apex with appressed subulate teeth. glabrous or very nearly so beneath, but with a few scattered hairs above; flowers 1-4 together, short-pedicelled, magenta-red, 1'-1 1/2' broad; summit of the calyx-tube and its linear lobes with scattered subulate hairs; petals rounded, but obtusely pointed and aristate at the apex; anthers linear, minutely spurred on the back.

In sandy swamps, pine-barrens of New Jersey and Delaware to South Carolina and Georgia. Base of the stem with a coating of spongy tissue when growing in water. July-Aug.

3 Rhexia Arist Sa Britton Awn Petaled Meadow Beaut 13533 Rhexia Arist Sa Britton Awn Petaled Meadow Beaut 1354

4. Rhexia Ciliósa Michx. Ciliate Meadow-Beauty

Fig. 3012

Rhexia petiolata Walt. Fl. Car. 130. 1788. (?) Rhexia ciliosa Michx. Fl. Bor. Am. 1: 221. 1803.

Stem square, glabrous, simple or nearly so, 1°-2° high. Leaves ascending, ovate, very short-petioled, or sessile, acutish at the apex, mostly rounded at the base, 6"-10" long, 4"-6" wide, 3-nerved, glabrous or nearly so beneath, pubescent with a few scattered hairs above, the margins bristly-ciliate; cyme few-flowered; flowers very short-pedicelled, violet-purple, 1'-1 1/2' broad; calyx glabrous, or with a few hairs on its lobes; petals rounded, sometimes apiculate; anthers oblong, straight, back not spurred.

In swamps, Maryland to Florida and Louisiana. June-Aug.