19. Aster Lowrieanus Porter. Lowrie's Or Fall Aster

Fig. 4300

Aster cordifolius var. laevigatus Porter, Bull.

Torr. Club 16: 67. 1889. Not A. laevigatus Lam. 1783. Aster Lowrieanus Porter, Bull. Torr. Club 21:

121. 1894.

Glabrous, or very nearly so throughout; stem branched, 1°-4° high. Leaves thickish, firm, a little succulent, the basal slender-peti-oled, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, mostly cordate, acute or obtusish, serrate, or sometimes incised, 2'-6' long, those of the stem ovate to oblong, often cordate, contracted into winged petioles, the uppermost lanceolate; heads usually not very numerous, 2 1/2"-3" high, loosely panicled; involucre turbinate, its bracts obtuse or obtusish, appressed; rays light blue, 3"-4" long, but variable in length.

In woods, Connecticut and southern New York to Pennsylvania, Ontario, North Carolina and Kentucky. Races differ in leaf-form and serration. Sept.-Oct. Bee-weed. Blue-devil.

19 Aster Lowrieanus Porter Lowrie s Or Fall Aster 971

20. Aster Lindleyanus T. & G. Lindley's Aster

Fig. 4301

As er Lindleyanus T. & G. Fl. N. A. 2: 122. 1841. A. Wilsoni Rydb. Bull. Torr. Club 37: 138. 1910. Aster Lindleyanus eximius Burgess; Britt. & Brown, III. Fl. 3: 364. 1898.

Stem usually stout, glabrous, or sometimes pubescent, 1°-6° high, branched above. Leaves rather thick, glabrous, or slightly pubescent, especially on the veins, the lower and basal ones cordate at the base, sharply serrate, ovate, acute or acuminate, 2-4' long, with slender naked petioles; upper leaves ovate, ovate-lanceolate, or lanceolate, less serrate, or entire, sessile, or with margined petioles, those of the branches lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, smaller; heads usually not numerous, 4"-5" high; involucre broadly turbinate or nearly hemispheric, its bracts linear-lanceolate, acute, rather loosely imbricated, glabrous, or nearly so, their tips green; rays 10-20, blue or violet, 3'-5" long; pappus nearly white.

In open places, Labrador to Mackenzie, Alberta, Maine, New York, Michigan and Montana. Aug.-Oct.

20 Aster Lindleyanus T G Lindley s Aster 972

21. Aster Drummondii Lindl. Drummond's Aster

Fig. 4302

Aster Drummondii Lindl. in Hook. Comp. Bot. Mag. 1:

97. 1835. Aster hirtellus Lindl. in DC. Prodr. 5: 233. 1836.

Stem usually stout, finely and densely canescent, branched above, 2°-5° high. Leaves mostly thin, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, rough above, canescent beneath, the lower and basal ones cordate, with slender naked petioles, sharply toothed, 2'-4' long, the upper cordate or rounded at the base, usually on margined petioles, those of the branches sessile and entire or nearly so, much smaller; heads 3"-4" high, rather numerous on the racemose branches; involucre turbinate, its bracts linear, slightly pubescent, acute or acuminate, their green tips appressed; rays 8-15, blue, 3"-4" long; pappus whitish.

In dry soil, borders of woods and on prairies, Ohio to Minnesota, Kentucky, Arkansas and Texas. Perhaps not specifically distinct from the following. Sept.-Oct.

21 Aster Drummondii Lindl Drummond s Aster 97321 Aster Drummondii Lindl Drummond s Aster 974