3. Castilleja Minor A. Gray. Small-Flowered Painted-Cup

Fig. 3835

Castilleja affinis var. minor A. Gray, Bot. Mex.

Bound. Surv. 119. 1859. Castilleja minor A. Gray, in Brew. & Wats. Bot. Cal.

1: 573. 1876.

Annual, villous-pubescent; stem slender, strict, simple, or with 1 or 2 erect branches, 1°-21/2° high. Leaves all linear-lanceolate and entire, parallel-veined, sessile, acuminate, 2'-3' long, the bracts similar, smaller, red or red-tipped, very narrow, equalling or longer than the short-pedi-celled flowers; calyx green, cleft on both sides to about the middle, the lobes lanceolate, acute, entire, or 2-toothed; corolla yellow, 6"-10" long, its upper lip much longer than the small lower one; capsule oblong, acute, 6"-8" long.

In moist soil, Nebraska to New Mexico, west to Nevada and Arizona. Indian-pink. May-July.

4. Castilleja Acuminata (Pursh) Spreng. Lance-Leaved Painted-Cup

Fig. 3836

Bartsia acuminata Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 429. 1814. Castilleja acuminata Spreng. Syst. 2: 775. 1825. C. septentrionalis Lindl. Bot. Reg. pl. 925. 1825. Castilleja pallida var. septentrionalis A. Gray, in Brew. & Wats. Bot. Cal. 1: 575. 1876.

Perennial, glabrous or loosely tomentose above; stems slender, commonly clustered, 6'-2° high, usually simple. Leaves sessile, 3-5-nerved, mostly quite entire, the lower linear, the upper lanceolate, acuminate or acute at the apex, somewhat narrowed at the base, 2'-4' long; bracts oblong, oval, or obovate, obtuse dentate, or entire, yellowish, greenish-white or purple, as long as the sessile flowers; calyx cleft on both sides to about the middle, the lobes lanceolate, usually again 2-cleft; corolla 6"-8" long, its upper lip 2-4 times aa long as the lower; capsule oblong, 6"-8" high.

In moist soil, Newfoundland and Labrador to Hudson Bay, the mountains of- New England, Ontario and Minnesota. Plants previously referred to this species from farther west are now regarded as distinct from it. June-Aug. Pale painted-cup.

4 Castilleja Acuminata Pursh Spreng Lance Leaved P 5074 Castilleja Acuminata Pursh Spreng Lance Leaved P 508

5. Castilleja Sessiliflora Pursh. Downy Painted-Cup

Fig. 3837

Castilleja sessiliflora Pursh, Am. Sept. 738. 1814.

Perennial, cinereous-puberulent all over; stems stout, simple, or branched from near the base, 6'-15' high, densely leafy. Leaves sessile, l'-2' long, the lowest commonly linear, obtuse and entire, the others laciniate into narrow, entire or cleft segments; bracts green, similar to the upper leaves, shorter than the sessile flowers; calyx deeper cleft on the lower side than on the upper, its lobes linear-lanceolate, acute; corolla yellowish, 1 1/2' long, the upper lip about twice as long as the lower, the lobes of the latter linear; capsule oblong-lanceolate, acute, 6"-8" long.

On dry prairies, Illinois to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nebraska, Wyoming and Texas. May-July.