English Plum Pudding

Chop fine one pound of beef suet with one cup of pastry flour; add three-quarters of a pound of brown sugar, three apples chopped fine, one-half pound prunes, one pound of raisins, one pound of currants, five eggs, two grated lemon peels, one teaspoonful each of grated cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, four biscuits or one-quarter of a loaf of bread, which you have first soaked in milk, and one glass of rum. Mix all well together, steam five hours in suitable mould, or boil four hours in napkin if preferred; dust with fine sugar afterwards on the platter, pour a little strong rum over it and set the rum on fire.

Genuine Old-Fashioned English Plum Pudding

One pound of suet, chopped fine', one pint of roasted bread crumbs, sifted, one pound of currants, one pound of raisins, one-half pound of citron, one-half teaspoonful of nutmeg, one pound of brown sugar, a little salt, six eggs, and two grated carrots. Boil slowly in mould not less than eight hours - if possible, boil six hours the first day and two hours before using. Pack solid in greased and sugared mould and tie up with cloth. Serve with French brandy sauce.