Stock Sauce

In the saucepan dissolve together three tablespoonfuls of corn starch, one-half pound or one cup of brown or granulated sugar, a little mixed whole spice, one-half lemon rind and juice, with a pint of cold water and set on the fire. Let it simmer slowly until it is clear, add a little butter or salt and strain. Before serving, add one-half glass of any wine desired, or one tablespoonful of any extract, one-quarter pound of butter; set on stove and stir until butter is melted. Color to suit taste.

Chateau Sauce

The proper name is Cheau d'Eau, but is generally called as above. Beat light the yolks of four eggs with two handfuls of powdered sugar and the rind and juice of half a lemon; stir in slowly one-half glass of Rhine wine and beat well until it is all foam, over a moderate fire. This is a favorite sauce.

Hard Sauce

Rub together to a froth one cup of butter, one and one-half cups of powdered sugar, the juice of half a lemon, or a little vanilla and the white of one egg. If you have a bag and tube drop in little stars, or set on a plate, sprinkle with mace and put it on ice to harden.

Rum Sauce

Mix together one-half quantity of hard sauce and one-half quantity of stock sauce, add one small glass of rum, let it boil lively for about five minutes, keeping it hot until served.

Cream Sauce

Mix together, in a double boiler, one cup of fine sugar, one and one-half pints of cream and milk, one ounce of corn starch or two ounces of flour, one-half teaspoonful of salt and one tablespoonful of butter; stir occasionally, and when just starting to thicken remove and strain. Flavor with vanilla.

French Cream Sauce

Add a little cognac brandy to mixture for cream sauce.

Yankee Sauce

Same as rum sauce, only add a little ground ginger and molasses.

Brandy Sauce

Stir to a cream one cup of butter, one and one-half cups of sugar, one-half of grated nutmeg, one-half of the peel and the juice of one lemon; set on a good fire; add three eggs and one glass of brandy. Let it boil about five minutes. This is a very fine sauce.