Almond Pudding

German Style

Stir light five ounces of butter and one-half pound of sugar; then add the yolks of nine eggs, lemon peel, six ounces of pounded almonds or one-half pound of almond paste, one-half pound of biscuits soaked in milk and squeezed out dry, and the snow of the whites of eight eggs. Bake in a buttered and sugar-dusted fancy mould.

Queen Pudding

Mix, same as for wine cake, one pound of sugar, one-half pound of butter, one and one-half pounds of pastry flour, seven eggs, one-half pint of milk, one-half ounce of soda, one ounce of cream of tartar sifted in the flour, mace, and citron. Bake in well-buttered and sugar-dusted moulds.

Suet Pudding

Mix together one cup of stoned raisins, three and one-half cups of flour, one cup of chopped beef suet, cinnamon and mace. To one cup of cream or milk add one cup of molasses, one teaspoonful of soda and two eggs. Mix thoroughly, fill in a mould with tight-fitting cover, well buttered and dusted with crumbs or sugar. Steam three hours.

Snow Pudding

For twelve persons. Dissolve one ounce gelatine in one-half glass of sherry wine and as much water. In the snow of the whites of ten eggs beat three-quarters of a pound of fine sugar and the gelatine. One orange peeled, and the juice of the same, will increase the delicacy of flavor. Set away in little moulds to harden. If fruit flavors and coloring are used, a variety of names can be given.

Minute Pudding

Of one quart milk take enough with three ounces of flour to make a soft batter. The balance of the milk, with five ounces of sugar, set on the fire. When boiling, add one-half teaspoonful salt and two beaten eggs; stir continually about five to eight minutes, until thick like creme. Serve with sweet cream, sweetened and seasoned with mace.

Boston Brown Bread Pudding

Mix two pounds self-raising brown bread flour with one and one-half pints of cream or milk, one pint of molasses and enough water to make a soft dough, one cup of raisins, five ounces of finely chopped beef suet. Bake in water-bath one and a half tŠ two hours. A little sugar may be added. Before serving, pour hot brandy sauce over it to soften crust.

Brown Bread Pudding

New England Style

Cut into thin slices a loaf of graham bread or brown bread; butter them well. Arrange them in layers in buttered, sugar-dusted moulds until half full; fill up with plain custard. Some English currants may be sprinkled between the layers; they give custard a rich mace flavor. Let soak for a half hour before baking; bake in water-bath.

Floating Island

Beat the yolks of twelve eggs with ten ounces of sugar; add two ounces of cornstarch, vanilla and a little milk. Boil one quart of milk; stir into it the above mixture; take from the fire and when a little cool pour in a large glass or porcelain dish; set on ice. Beat very stiff the whites of six eggs; add a handful of sugar and a little vanilla. With a large spoon (dipped in water) take out in pieces and put in boiling water for a few minutes; then arrange these " snow-balls " on top of the custard. A little jelly may be sprinkled on top of each. Dust with powdered sugar and serve.

Omelette Souffle

Take the yolks of six eggs, a little vanilla, one-quarter of a pound of sugar and one spoonful sweet cream; stir fifteen minutes; add quickly the whites of six eggs beaten very stiff; mix it very light; pour in a warm porcelain dish greased with butter, bake at once, not too slow. Dust a little fine sugar over it. Flavor with vanilla.


Fritters are frequently made with apples, peaches and other large fruits with this recipe: Dissolve one yeast cake in one pint warm milk; add one-quarter of a pound of sugar, salt, four eggs, two tablespoonfuls best olive oil and enough pastry flour to make a soft batter. Set to rise; then beat again, add a little nutmeg, throw in the fruit, cover all with the batter, and fry in hot lard.

Fritters with Baking Powder

The same proportions; instead of the yeast use one tablespoonful of baking powder, and mix shortly before using.