Raisin Pound Cake

To the above mixture, add two and one-half pounds of Sultana raisins; rub them first well in flour.

American Sponge Cake

Beat up one pound of powdered sugar with twelve eggs, set in hot water bath until warm, beat until it does not run down quick from the beater, when raised; then add lightly one pound of pastry flour, sifted, with one-half of an ounce of baking powder. Bake in duchess tins at about 360 degrees.

Jelly Rolls

Take the above recipe and with bag and tube lay out in even thin layer, on a cooky pan, all lined with paper; use the lady finger tube. Bake quick at 400 degrees, and turn out at once on sugar-dusted paper; spread with jelly and roll up while warm.

Common Jelly Roll

Stir up together well one pound of sugar with six eggs; add one-half of a pint of milk, lemon, one and one-half pounds pastry flour, and one ounce of baking powder.

Imitation Raisin Cake and Pound Cake

Two pounds of sugar and one and one-fourth pounds of butter, rubbed to cream; add slowly one and one-half pints of eggs, one and one-half pints of milk, two and one-half pounds of cake flour with one ounce of baking powder, sifted; mix in three and one-half pounds of seedless raisins rubbed in one-half pound of flour. Finer cake is made by adding milk and flour alternately, part of each at a time, mixing light. Leaving raisins out will make a fine pound cake.

Gold Cake

One-half of a pound of butter, three-fourths of a pound of sugar, rubbed to cream; add slowly five eggs, one-third of a pint of milk, and then one pound of pastry flour with one teaspoonful of baking powder, a little egg coloring and vanilla. Bake in flat squares at 370 to 380 degrees.

Orange Cake

To the above mixture add the juice and grated peel of one orange. Bake in layers, set together with orange cream filling. (See Part IX.)

Layer Cake

For layers, the gold cake mixture is very fine. Bakes very even.

Marble Cake

Take the above gold cake mixture. Place one-half of a teaspoonful of red coloring in a china bowl and mix in enough dough to make it a bright red. In another bowl melt one-third of a pound of chocolate; and mix also with enough of above dough. Now fill a paper-lined pan half full with plain gold cake dough; with a spoon make four deep furrows in it, fill them alternately with red and chocolate; fill up to the top with plain cake dough, and smooth over. Bake like citron cake.

Citron Cake

Rub one and one-half pounds of butter with one and three-fourth pounds of powdered sugar to cream; add slowly one and one-half pints of egg whites, then two pounds of flour with one-half of a teaspoonful of baking powder; beat the eggs a little first; add one and a half pounds of citron, sliced thin and rolled in flour; almond flavor. Bake at 370 degrees.

Lady Cake

Cream together two pounds of powdered sugar with one and one-half pounds of butter; rub in slowly the whites of eight eggs, then beat the whites of eight more eggs to a froth and add part of it to the above, the rest alternately with two and one-fourth pounds of pastry flour. Bake at 350 degrees.