Formula I

Best China tea, eight ounces; cinnamon, bruised, one ounce; vanilla bean, sliced and bruised, one-half ounce; pour on one quart of boiling water, and steep for half an hour. Then filter through paper. To the extract add, when cold, three drachms artificial pineapple essence, five drachms cognac essence, eight drachms raisin extract.

Formula II

Best China tea, one pound; cinnamon, bruised, one ounce; cloves, bruised, one-half ounce; vanilla bean, cut and sliced, one-half ounce; pour on one-half gallon boiling water, and steep for half an hour. Then filter, and if desired dissolve four pounds of sugar in the filtrate. To the latter add, when cold, seven drachms artificial pineapple essence, seven drachms artificial orange essence, three ounces extract of raisins.

Plain Tea Extract

This extract is principally for the dispensing counter. Best tea, eight ounces; boiling water, one pint. Infuse half an hour, then pack in a percolator. Percolate, adding sufficient cold water, until one pint of extract is obtained. Add one ounce of alcohol to preserve it. If intended to keep a long time, four ounces of alcohol should be added. The extract should be kept well stoppered.

The proportion is about one ounce to one quart of syrup. To dispense tea it is best to put a small quantity of the extract in the cup, add the sugar and cream if desired, and draw the hot soda water on it.