This is, like capping and foiling, an ornamental part of the bottlers' work, but it must be done tastefully, as an attractive label also enhances the value of the beverages. Even for this kind of work mechanical devices are not wanting.

This machine is manufactured by Barnett & Foster in London, and combines efficiency with economy. By means of it, labels can be pasted and placed on the bottles at the rate of 100 dozen per hour, by one girl or boy. The machine shown is fitted for two operators, so that the "turn out" by the one machine can be brought up to about 200 dozen per hour. The machine is easily transported from one place to another, so that in removing bottles from stacks it can follow up, and the labels be placed on in proper position, and with greater speed than has yet been attained by any other process. It can also be arranged for labeling tin cans, marmalade-pots, etc. The labels, as received from the printer, are put into the label-holder or well - say 500 at a time - and are pressed up by a spiral spring; the pasting roller travels round by the action of the treadle from the foot, it passes over a pad of flannel and then over the label, carrying just sufficient gum or paste to make it stick. The bottle is then pressed on, as shown in the drawing, when the label will adhere to it, its position being always the same equal height from the bottom, as it has a regulator for this purpose. The paste is in a glass receptacle above, and is fed automatically, that is, each time the pasting roller comes round, it touches the lever of the small supply-cock, and gives just sufficient paste for the size label, so that waste is prevented, and a cleaner label is the result. The apparatus itself is exceedingly simple, and with ordinary care cannot get out of order.

Fig. 279.   Labeling Machine

Fig. 279. - Labeling Machine.

A Label Gummer is offered by Geo. J. Hutchings, Baltimore, Md., and illustrated by Fig. 280. It also facilitates the work of labeling the bottles, and is a practical and useful device in the bottling establishment.