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Metallic Caps

They are chiefly employed for ornamental purposes. Various styles and colors, with or without the manufacturer's name stamped on them, are used in capping bottle of many kinds of beverages. This is a matter of taste only, to which no rales are applied.

Various capping machines are offered to the trade.

This cut represents Wittemann Bros' patent hydraulic capping machine. A is a rubber cap held fast by screw E, and front plate T. B, water and a little machine oil filled in through and up to screw bole G. C, pressure piston. D, layer of packing, tightened by a washer and screw cap. If kept clean and in oil it will work easy and yet be water tight.

Fig. 274.   Metallic Cap

Fig. 274. - Metallic Cap.

Fig 75.   Hydraulic Capping Machine

Fig 75. - Hydraulic Capping Machine.

Figure 276 represents practically the same machine arranged for hand and foot power. In capping, the bottle with cap on is pressed against the rear end of the rubber cap. After a first pull on the lever (not jerking) give the bottle a half turn, then a second pull to the lever.

Deep rubber caps can be made to fit short-necked bottles or flasks, by plugging them up partly with a bung.

Fig. 277 is a non-hydraulic machine. The rubbers are made in segments. Two or four rubber cushions press the capsules to bottles, forming the surplus metal into as many folds as there are cushions. A quarter turn of the bottle and a second pressure will press them down flat.

Fig. 276.   Hand and Foot Power Capping Machine

Fig. 276. - Hand and Foot Power Capping Machine.

Liquid Composition For Foiling Bottles

Melt in a crucible or iron pot 1 part tin, and add 2 parts bismuth; after all is melted take the liquid metal from the fire. The bottles to be tin-foiled are dipped into this composition as far as they are intended to be foiled. By adding copper to the composition any shade from white to gold or copper color may be obtained; for instance, a composition for gold-colored liquid foil is : copper, 68 parts; zinc, 14 parts; tin, 1 part; or copper and tin exclusively.