If the bottles are dried before using them, it is an im provement. The least particle of water may contain matter detrimental to that fine blending of ingredients which is perceptible in the best manufactured carbonated beverage. Special drainers or racks of various descriptions are employed for the purpose.

This illustration shows a drainer which can be made in any size suitable for mineral-water manufacturers, etc. It is also useful for carrying bottles in the factory, occupying little space, as they are easily piled one on another, or by placing them on their sides they form a good portable bottle-rack. If wheels are attached, it can be conveniently moved about the floor.

Fig. 273.   Portable Drainer and Rack

Fig. 273. - Portable Drainer and Rack.

"Where special drainers are not employed, the bottles, after being cleaned and carefully rinsed in pure fresh water, are put head down into the boxes or crates and time allowed to drain and dry therein before being filled.