Take ten pounds of Herb hepatic (Matrisylvae) - Asperula odorata, Linne - cut it in small pieces; then add two pints of alcohol, and two pints of white wine (or up to four pints of each, if more liquid is desired). Macerate for eight days or put all the ingredients on the sieve of the still, pour on the liquid, and digest for twenty-four hours. When cold press out and filter. To the fitrate add four to eight drachms of either essence of oenanthic ether, cognac or grape essence (artificial), and four to eight drachms pineapple essence artificial.

If the herb cannot be obtained, combine these liquids and add some tincture of coumarin to suit. The odor of the above-named plant is due to coumarin; a small addition of the latter, therefore, will answer for the odorous part of the herb.