Various wine essences can be compounded after the following Formulae, such as sherbet, catawba, etc., compounds by variations, such as ambrosia, nectar, etc.

Formula I - Take ten fresh oranges, and ten fresh lemons, and cut them in pieces, removing the seeds. Add ten ounces of bruised cloves, ten ounces of bruised cinnamon, one to two ounces of crushed cardamoms. Pour on five pints of alcohol and five pints of red wine (or, if more essence is required, up to ten pints of alcohol and water each may be used). Macerate for a week, or put all the ingredients on the sieve of the still, pour on the liquid, and digest for twenty four hours. When cold, draw off, filter, and add three to six drachms of orange essence (artificial - see later on in the next chapter), two to four drachms of pineapple essence, artificial, one to two ounces of rose essence, soluble, and one to two drachms of either essence of oenanthic ether, cognac, or grape essence (artificial).

Formula II

Proceed as before, substituting white wine for red wine. N. B. - The finer the quality of the wine employed the finer will be the aroma of the essence.