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General Remarks

Another popular way of dispensing carbonated waters or beverages, besides from the bottle or syphon, is by means of the portable fountains and the so-called "Soda-counter," or draught apparatus.

The machinery for the manufacture of the waters we have already described. Where large stationary counters are established, they are directly communicating with one of the smaller sets of apparatus. Indeed, the employment of a special carbonating apparatus with one or two stationary fountains with agitators, as illustrated and described before, in conjunction with a draught apparatus, is very much to be recommended. The cylinders can be charged at any time, a standard pressure can be kept up, and in fact the carbonating of the water is under self-control; but those who do not wish to have the trouble of filling the cylinders themselves, must arrange to have them filled at a mineral-water factory.

Dispensing or draught apparatus are particularly adapted for populous places of resort, in a main thoroughfare, or where the traffic is great. In the warm season the demand is enormous, the profits from the drinks large, as they are paid for as they are drawn, and no expense is incurred for corks, wire, cartage, bottling, etc. Some of the most delicious drinks are supplied by means of these fountains, and where care and attention are given to this business, large profits deservedly accrue.

Since the taste for non-intoxicating drinks is so much on the increase, the opportunity offers itself to any one who has a shop or store in the position for doing a counter trade to give the experiment a trial; it is one of the most beneficial additions to an existing business - such as a chemist's or confectioner's, hotel or cafe - being ornamental and at the same time profitable. The experiment entails no risk beyond the purchase of the apparatus, as the drinks are not excisable.

A number of drinks for counter use are compounded and dispensed in America and other countries, and in this work, under "Extracts and Essences and Fruit and Compound Syrups,"will be found receipts for the dispensing as well as for the bottling trade, which comprise very many concoctions likely to satisfy the most fastidious taste. The syrups are easily made, either from the fresh fruit or the essences and extracts as ex-plicitly explained later on. Directions for preparing the fruit-acids, colorings, preservatives, foam-producing preparations, artificial and true-essences and extracts of fruits and drugs, are all appended and cannot fail to properly guide the operations.