Formula I

Ethyl acetate, 250 parts; ethyl nitrate, 200 parts; oil of caraway, one part; oil of anise, one part; oil of juniper, two parts; alcohol, 1000 parts; sugar coloring if desired. Two pints of this essence added to from twenty-five to forty gallons of diluted alcohol are sufficient. The artificial product should be allowed to improve by age.

Formula II - Ethyl acetate, fifty parts; ethyl nitrate, twenty parts; oil of juniper, five parts; alcohol, 1000 parts. Directions the same.

Formula III - Amylic alcohol, one hundred parts; ethyl acetate, fifty parts; essence oenanthic ether, fifty parts; oil of anise, five parts; oil coriander, five parts. Directions the same.

Formula IV

Pelargonic ether, one ounce; amyl acetate, one-half ounce; oil of wintergreen, ten grains; ethyl acetate, four ounces; oil of cloves, three grains. Sugar coloring. Dissolve the oil in one ounce of alcohol, then add the whole to twenty-five gallons of diluted alcohol, making a cheap rye whiskey.

Nordhausen Korn Essence

Amylic alcohol, two ounces; acetic ether, one ounce two drachms; grape or cognac essence, one ounce two drachms; raisin essence, six drachms; oil of anise, nineteen grains; cognac or wine oil, nineteen grains; alcohol, one pint. The addition of four ounces of true Jamaica rum to the above or the rectified product will improve it.

Arrac Essence

Ethyl acetate, ninety parts; ethyl nitrate, seventy parts; methyl alcohol, fifteen parts; alcohol, 1000 parts. An arrac is prepared by using from one quart upwards of this essence to twenty-five gallons of diluted alcohol. An improved arrac is made after the fol lowing receipt: Arrac essence, one pint; raisin essence, eight ounces; grape or cognac essence, five ounces; acetic ether, two ounces; extract vanilla, one-half to one ounce. If essence of violet, one ounce, is added, it will become a still greater improved product. Dissolve these ingredients in five gallons of alcohol of 95° per cent, and five gallons of water; add about a quart of syrup, and filter. A higher grade may be obtained by adding to this mixture about one gallon of true arrac. The product remains uncolored, is finally filled in bottles, sealed and stored in a cool place, where it will improve by age.

Gin Essence

Amylic alcohol, fifty parts; ethyl acetate, fifty parts; oil of juniper, fifteen parts; alcohol, 1,000 parts. About one quart of this essence will make a factitious gin.