A chief point in establishing a mineral-water factory is the selection of a suitable building in which to carry on the manufacturing of carbonated beverages. The general plan and arrangement of a mineral-water factory must be such that ventilation and cleanliness can always be secured; bad smells from any cause should be an impossibility; all water-ways, drains, etc., should communicate with the outlets to sewers outside the buildings, and be well trapped; any drains in the factory should be closed with movable coverings, so as to admit of their being well cleaned and swept out. Wood flooring, or anything likely to hold moisture or dampness, is unfit; stone paving is preferable to bricks or concrete. No dust should be allowed to accumulate on the walls or floors; and a current of fresh air should always pass through the parts of the building devoted to the more important parts of the work. A plentiful supply of water for rinsing and washing and the most scrupulous cleanliness is indispensable, and this fact cannot be too strongly insisted upon. Any place likely to give off effluvia, such as stables or closets, must be kept as far away as possible. The interior of tne bottling room must be thoroughly fitted to protect the beverages from contaminating influences.


The secret of incorporating carbonic acid gas and water, and flavoring the liquid with pleasant and wholesome substances and making it a healthy beverage for consumption, is learned by intelligent application.

We think it would be to the advantage of the trade, as well as to the consumer, if some legislative enactment could be passed, so as to prevent this trade being carried on either by ignorant or unskilled persons, or by those whose notions of profit are of greater importance than the sanitary considerations necessary for conducting a manufacture which is so intimately associated with our daily wants.