Special machines must be employed to fill the syphons, usually different machines to fill the various sizes of syphons.

These illustrations, Figs. 304, 305, and 306, represent the French and American syphon-filling machines, and are extensively used wherever syphons are filled. The syphon filler is adjustable, generally secured to the floor by means of screws, and connected with the apparatus by a flexible rubber hose. A movable screen protects the operator against accidents. The filling attachment is the same as on a two-stream patent draught-tube; one wheel lets in the water, and the other lets off the gas and air. The stand is strong and substantial, and the safety screen can be removed or adjusted to suit the operator.

Various other devices for syphon filling are manufactured by the leading American and European manufacturers of apparatus for carbonated beverages. Among the many exhibits we find an American syphon filler to receive and fill any size syphon, and which we illustrate in Fig. 307.

This filler is well adapted to the wants of the trade who are forced to fill syphons of different sizes, It is so constructed as to be easily adjusted to receive and fill any size syphon, and readily changed so as to vary from one size to another during the process of filling.

It is provided with a filling head, forked rest for the body of bottle, a support and guide for the head, all arranged with a sliding movement, allowing an easy and rapid adjustment to the varying sizes of syphons.

Fig. 304.   French Syphon Filler

Fig. 304. - French Syphon Filler.

Fig. 305.   Sectional View of Fig. 304

Fig. 305. - Sectional View of Fig. 304.

Fig. 306.   American Syphon Filler

Fig. 306. - American Syphon Filler.

Fig. 307.   Syphon Filler for all Sizes of Syphons

Fig. 307. - Syphon Filler for all Sizes of Syphons.

A durable and effective screen, thoroughly protecting the operator from the danger of broken glass, is attached to every filler.