The Seattle

Mix four tablespoonfuls of raspberry syrup and four tablespoonfuls of sweet cream. Pour into a glass one fourth full of chopped ice and add a ladleful of peach ice cream. Fill up the glass with soda water. Decorate with pieces of peach.

Apple Cup

Core six tart apples and cut in quarters but do not peel. Mix with one cup of raisins, two bay leaves, a small piece of cinnamon, and the grated rind of three lemons. Put in a porcelain-lined kettle with two quarts of water and let come to a boil, then add two more quarts of water, and boil slowly, covered, for half an hour. Drain through a jelly bag. When cold add two pounds of sugar and the strained juice of three lemons. Stir until sugar is dissolved, and serve very cold.

Cider Apple Cup

Slice three or four large apples without paring and add a little boiling water. Cover and let stand until cold. Strain, add one pint of cider, sweeten to taste, pour over crushed ice, and serve.

Country Gentleman

Break an egg into a shaker and add four table-spoonfuls of vanilla syrup, twelve tablespoonfuls of sweet cider, and six tablespoonfuls of shaved ice. Shake well and strain into a glass, adding a little soda water with the syphon.

Cider And Ginger Ale

Put three lumps of ice into a pitcher, adding the rind of one lemon, one half pint of cider, and one bottle of ginger ale. Mix well, and serve with a slice of lemon in each glass.

Cider Cup

Crush a few sprigs of mint in a glass pitcher, pouring over it one quart of cider. Then add the juice of one lemon, one half cup of fruit juice of any flavor, and one quarter of a cup of sugar. Mix well and put on ice for two hours. When ready to serve, add cracked ice and two pint bottles of Seltzer.

Cider And Egg

Beat one egg and pour it into a tall glass, one third full of cracked ice. Add one teaspoonful of powdered sugar, the juice of one lemon, and fill glass with cider. Mix well, sprinkle nutmeg on top, and serve.

Sparkling Punch

Place a large piece of ice in a punch bowl, pour over it one quart of cider, and add one cup of sugar and the juice of three lemons. When ready to serve add one quart of ice-cold Seltzer water.

Virginia Julep

Add the strained juice of half a lemon to four tablespoonfuls of plain syrup. Put into a glass one third full of cracked ice and fill up with cider. Put a grating of nutmeg on top, and decorate with a sprig of mint. Bruise a few of the lower leaves of the mint to bring out the flavor.

Mulled Cider No. 1

Into a kettle put two quarts of cider, and add one finely crushed nutmeg, six whole cloves, and three pieces of cinnamon. Then add one cup of brown sugar, and let it simmer over the fire for fifteen minutes, but do not allow it to boil. Serve at once.

Mulled Cider No. 2

Simmer one quart of cider in a porcelain-lined kettle, and when it reaches the boiling point pour in the beaten whites of three eggs, with a half cup of sugar. Stir briskly and return to the fire and bring again to a boil. Serve hot in punch glasses.