Orange Punch

Add the grated rind of two oranges to one pound of sugar and one pint of water. After the sugar is thoroughly dissolved boil for five minutes. Set aside to cool and then add the juice of four oranges and one lemon. When ready to serve add cracked ice and a quart of Apollinaris. This is sufficient for four people.

Iced Orange Juice

Make a syrup of a cupful of sugar and three quarters of a cup of water. Boil for about ten minutes. When cold mix with a half pint of orange juice and the juice of one lemon. Pour in tumblers half filled with cracked ice, and add ice water or Appollinaris.

Orangeade No. 1

Put two tablespoonfuls of cracked ice in a glass with two teaspoonfuls of powdered sugar, and pour the juice of one orange over it. Fill up glass with any charged water.

Orangeade No. 2

Squeeze the juice of four oranges over four tablespoonfuls of sugar. Pour on a very little water and let stand for fifteen or twenty minutes. Add the juice of half a lemon. Strain, and serve with cracked ice and enough cold water to fill glasses.

Orange Cream

Fill a glass one third full of cracked ice and pour over two tablespoonfuls of orange syrup, two tablespoonfuls of maple syrup, and two tablespoonfuls of plain cream. Mix well, and fill up with Apollinaris or Seltzer. A grating of nutmeg may be added.

Delmonte Cup

Fill a glass one fourth full of shaved ice, and pour over four tablespoonfuls of orange syrup, two tablespoonfuls of raspberry juice, and one tablespoonful of orange juice. Fill up with carbonated water, decorate with a slice of orange, and serve with straws.

Fruit Favorite

Take the juice of half a lemon and the juice of half an orange, add a little cherry juice and three tablespoonfuls of plain syrup. Put into a shaker with cracked ice, a little cold water, and shake well. Pour into a tall glass. Decorate with water cress and a cherry.


Squeeze the juice of one orange, the juice of one half a lime, and add one tablespoonful of orange syrup and one tablespoonful of sugar. Mix well, pour over cracked ice, and fill up the glass with cold water. Decorate with a cherry and serve with straws.

Orange Pride

Put one tablespoonful of orange juice and pulp with three tablespoonfuls of vanilla syrup into a glass one fourth full of cracked ice. Fill up with any charged water, and place a spoonful of whipped cream on top.

Celestial Cooler

Mix one tablespoonful of lemon syrup, one tablespoonful of pineapple syrup, and one table-spoonful of orange syrup. Pour into a glass one third full of cracked ice, and nearly fill with carbonated water. Pour in very carefully, so that it will float on top, one tablespoonful of grape juice. Serve with straws.

Orange Shake

Mix one tablespoonful each of cream, orange and vanilla syrups, and pour into a glass nearly filled with cracked ice. Add soda water. Stir, and put a grating of nutmeg on top.