Ratafia. - Take of nutmegs, eight ounces; bitter almonds, six pounds; ambergris, five grains, rubbed up in a small portion of sugar; honey, three quarts, dissolved in three pints of water. Mix the above with seven gallons of clean spirit. The nutmegs and bitter almonds should be mashed or bruised. The bitter almonds should be well mixed with the honey and water before adding it to the mass. When the ingredients are well mixed, pass them through the filtering bag.

Pineapple Cordial. - Clean spirit, one gallon; water, two gallons; honey, two quarts; bruised bitter almonds, six ounces; butyric ether, two ounces. The almonds should be fresh.

Butyric ether is distilled from rancid butter, by first saponifying the butter with alkali, and distilling it with sulphuric acid. This ether possesses a powerful odor of pineapples.

This ether is also used for flavoring common ale, which is known under the name of pineapple ale. It is used in the proportion of six ounces to forty gallons.

Creme de Macarons. - Proof whiskey, one gallon; water, one and a half gallons; honey, one gallon; bruised bitter almonds, half an ounce; powdered cloves, fifty grains; powdered cinnamon, fifty grains; powdered mace, fifty grains. Color to slight violet with turnsole and cochineal. Macerate for ten days.

Creme de Noyeau de Martinique. - Clarified sugar, one hundred pounds; clean spirit, fifteen gallons; orange flower water, half a gallon; bruised bitter almonds, four pounds; essence of lemon, one ounce; water, twenty-five gallons. Macerate the almonds and the essence in the spirit for fourteen days, then add the sugar, previously dissolved in the water Allow them to digest together for one month.

Crime des Barhadoes. - Sliced lemons, two dozen; clarified sugar, thirty pounds; proof spirit, three gallons; water, four gallons; six large citrons, fresh balm leaves, half a pound. Put the fruit in the spirit, and macerate for four days; then pour the water on the balm leaves, and steep for half an hour, and then strain the liquor on the sugar, and lastly add the spirit.

Creme d' Orange. - Sliced oranges, six dozen; orange flower water, one gallon; clean spirit, four gallons; English saffron, half an ounce. Macerate for two weeks, and then add twenty pounds of white sugar, and two gallons of honey dissolved in ten gallons,of clean, clear water.

Eau de Melisse. - Spirit of lemon peel, two quarts; spirit of nutmegs, one quart; spirit of coriander, one quart; spirit of rosemary, one pint; spirit of marjoram, one pint; spirit of thyme, one pint; spirit of hyssop, one pint; spirit of cassia, one pint; spirit of sage, one pint; spirit of aniseed, one pint; spirit of cloves, one pint; spirit of angelica, one pint; honey, two gallons; whiskey, four gallons; water, three gallons. Mix the honey and water; then mix the whole mass. Allow it to stand for four days. Color with half an ounce of bruised cochineal.

Eau Divine. - Essence lemon, one drachm; berga-mot, one drachm; spirit, one gallon; macerate for four days, frequently shaking the mixture; then add water, two gallons; sugar, four pounds; orange flower water, one pint; mix and filter through sand.

Elephants' Milk. - Benjamin, four ounces; alcohol, two gallons; balsam of tolu, one ounce. Dissolve then add sugar, twenty pounds, dissolved in three gallons of water; mix well, and strain through a filtering bag.

Almond Milk. - Sweet almonds, one ounce; bitter almonds, three ounces; white sugar, one and a half pounds; clear water, two pints.

Remove the husks from the almonds by steeping them in hot water for a few minutes; by rubbing them together, the husk will rub off; then beat them in a mortar with the sugar, and add the water gradually. Lastly, strain, and add half a glass of orange flower water, or the same of nerolia. For instructions in manufacturing essences, spirits, and perfumes for liquors and cordials, look under their appropriate heads in this work.

English Frontignac. - Water, six gallons; white sugar, twelve pounds; mashed raisins, six pounds.

Boil these together for one hour, then add one peck of elder flowers, and put them in the liquor when it is nearly cold. The next day put in a tumbler of good vinegar, and a pint of good yeast; then put it in a clean cask, with twelve pounds of raisins, and bottle in three months.

Gold Cordial. - Angelica root, four pounds; oil of orange, fifty drops; raisins, five pounds; bruised coriander seeds, half a pound; bruised caraway seeds and cassia, each half a pound; bruised cloves, two ounces; English saffron, two ounces; sliced liquorice root, two pounds; clean spirit, fifteen gallons. Macerate for twelve days; add sugar, thirty pounds, dissolved in five gallons water; mix. and fine with egg or milk.

Ratifia a la Violette. - Orris-root powder, four ounces; archil, four ounces; neutral spirit, two gallons. Digest for one week, then add honey, three quarts, dissolved in four pints of water. Mix and strain; color with turnsole to suit taste, by allowing the coloring matter to digest with the liquor several days.

Sunny South (Cordial). - Water, five gallons; honey, three gallons; mix. Take three gallons of whiskey, and digest three pounds of prunes in it for a week, and dissolve ten drops of oil of sassafras five drops of oil of partridge-berry, and fifteen drops of oil of lemon in half a pint of alcohol; and to the above three gallons of whiskey with the prunes, add one pound of nutmegs, half a pound of cloves, and four ounces of ginger, all well bruised; also, one ounce of cochineal. Allow the whole of the above, along with the prunes, to digest for one week, and then strain through flannel, and mix the whole. This will be of a deep red color.

Cream of Juleps. - Refined sugar, two pounds: sweet almonds, blanched, one pound. The almonds are blanched by being heated in warm water a few moments, and then rubbing them through the hands, until the husks rub off. Work the almonds to a paste with an addition of the sugar and water. This should be done in a mortar; then strain through a linen cloth, and mix the remainder of the sugar with one and a half pints of water; then add half an ounce of essence of peppermint.

Milk of Juleps. - Benjamin, one quarter pound clean spirit, two gallons; balsam of tolu, one ounce; dissolve; then add refined sugar (in three gallons water) twenty pounds; essence of peppermint, onequarter ounce; essence of cloves, ten drops; essence of ginger, twenty drops.

Peach Juice Cordial. - Honey, two and a half gallons, dissolved in one gallon water; sulphuric acid, half an ounce; rum, four pints; powdered mustard, four ounces; powdered catechu, one ounce; cinnamon bark, broken to small pieces, three ounces; digest these last named articles in the rum for thirty-six hours, and then strain; to this add acetic ether, one ounce; spirit of vanilla, two ounces; tincture of cochineal, four ounces.

Sarsaparilla Cordial. - Honey, two gallons; water, two gallons - mix; whiskey, three quarts; calamus, two ounces; cloves, three ounces; powdered liquorice root, eight ounces; digest these three last named articles in the three quarts of whiskey for twenty-four hours; then strain and add; then dissolve in four ounces of alcohol, oil of sassafras, oil of anise, each twenty drops; oil of partridge berry, six drops. Color with tincture of cochineal four ounces, burnt sugar coloring five ounces, if necessary; fine with five eggs;

Strawberry Juice. - Honey, two gallons; water, one gallon; tartaric acid, two ounces; strawberries, two gallons; clean spirits, half gallon.

The strawberries are put in a bag and subjected to pressure; the expressed juice is then added to the honey and water.

Raspberry Juice. - Same as strawberry.

Jessamine Cordial. - Clarified sugar, twenty pounds; water, three gallons; decoction of strong tea, one quart; half gallon whiskey; sweet almonds, husked or blanched by standing in hot water, and rubbing them through the hands until the husks are removed, one pound; they should be worked to a stiff, fair paste in a mortar, by the addition of a quart of water; then strain through a linen cloth, and add the strained liquid to the above. Spirit of jessamine, two ounces; ambergris, two grains, rubbed well with sugar (about two ounces). This cordial is colored yellow, with a tincture of saffron or gamboge. The whiskey mentioned in the text should be uncolored.

Aromatic Cordial. - Digest in five gallons of whiskey for five days, one quart; of orange peelings; four ounces of cloves; six ounces of bruised ginger; half pound of ground mustard. Strain off the spirit, and add to this, dissolved in alcohol, one-quarter ounce of cinnamon; same of oil of cloves; twenty drops oil of sassafras; ten drops oil of orang; one-quarter ounce oil of lemon; five drops oil of anise. Then dissolve twenty-five pounds of refined sugar in one and a half gallons of water, and add it to the whiskey as above. This is colored by the addition of one-quarter pint of burnt sugar coloring.

Almond Cordial. - Honey, two gallons; clean spirit, two quarts; water, to dissolve honey, three quarts; blanched sweet almonds, worked into a stiff paste in a mortar, four pounds. This paste is washed on a fine sifter, with one quart of water. The water is passed through the paste repeatedly, and is then added to the honey and spirit, with twenty drops oil of almonds, dissolved in one ounce of alcohol. The spirit used should be colorless. Color with two ounces tincture of gamboge, and one ounce of burnt sugar.

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