A few general rules for controlling heating and cooking fires are as follows:

1. To increase the amount of heat, open drafts which let air into the ash pit, and with soft coal and wood when fresh fuel has been added admit some air by draft immediately over the fire to help burn the combustible gases coming from the fresh fuel. For all fires burning without flame keep this draft closed.

2. To decrease the amount of heat, close all drafts tight, being sure that ash-pit door and drafts particularly are tight and that the ash pit itself is free from air leaks; if this is not sufficient, open a check draft in the smoke pipe-never the one in the fire door or the door itself, as this practice is extremely wasteful of fuel.

3. To insure economy of fuel, see that all flues and surfaces which the hot gases pass on their way to the chimney are cleaned every two or three weeks.

4. Be very careful in the use of the damper which closes off the smoke pipe, as such a damper is dangerous if closed too tight and can be left wide open or taken out entirely provided the ash pit is tight and the above directions are followed.

5. Keep the direct draft in a cooking stove or range closed except in hot weather, or when starting a fire.