Every kitchen should be equipped with a good range and a fireless cooker. If a coal or a wood range is used in combination with a fireless cooker, the two should be near enough together to prevent much loss of heat in transferring the food from the range to the cooker. Sometimes the two pieces of equipment are combined in gas or electric stoves, the oven being insulated so that after it becomes thoroughly heated the heat may be retained long enough to cook, food without the use of more fuel. Such stoves are more expensive than the ordinary type, but the saving of fuel throughout the lifetime of the range would doubtless justify the increased cost in the beginning.

A coal or wood stove which is used in winter for heating as well as cooking should be supplemented by a kerosene stove or some other kind that will help to keep the kitchen cool in hot weather. With a kerosene stove and a fireless cooker, the discomfort of a hot kitchen in summer and the waste of unnecessary heat may be avoided.

Any kind of kitchen range should be as free from dirt-collecting crevices and grooves as possible. In selecting, attention should be paid to the possibilities of convenient and thorough cleaning.

Kerosene, gas, and electric stoves are often built with the oven at such a height that stooping is unnecessary. There is no reason why such a location should not be better in every way than the customary one which has been borrowed from coal stoves. Ovens higher than the working surface of the stove can be heated quite as efficiently with these fuels as when placed below the main surface of the range. A good height for working surfaces in a kitchen is 34 inches (page 110). This applies to cook stoves as well as to tables and sinks. It may be necessary to raise the stove,on blocks to bring it to this level. If a range is raised on feet, it should be at such a height that the floor underneath can be reached easily for cleaning. It may be set flat on the floor. Zinc or tiling is generally placed under the stove, extending for 8 or 12 inches beyond the edge for protection.