An exhaustive discussion of pattern would involve the whole theory and practice of design, but the usual mistakes of the home-maker in choosing wall paper, drapery, upholstery, and fugs may be avoided by an understanding of what constitutes good pattern and the kind of pattern appropriate for different uses. On account of the constant influx of novelty goods that tend to bewilder and confuse the purchaser, a fund of common sense and a determination not to be sidetracked by passing fads are necessary in order to make a wise selection.

Plate IV

Plate IV

Types of rugs with suitable pattern, developed in line and in mass, in self tones and in contrasting and vari-colored effects.

Plate IV 37Plate V

Plate V

Left: Types of textile pattern that may be used for upholstery or hangings. Right: Types of excellent design for entire walls or friezes when pattern is needed for decorative effect.