To secure a homogeneous result in house furnishing, the fitness of each purchase should be thought of in relation to the room in which it is to go and in relation to the other furnishings of that room. As has been previously pointed out, the proportion of furniture has a notable effect on the apparent proportion of the room: very large pieces of furniture seem to crowd a small room; very small pieces, unless grouped, appear dwarfed in a large room.

Furniture should be selected of a material that will harmonize with the woodwork. Oak is the best choice for a room finished in oak or in the woods finished in a color similar to oak, as ash, chestnut, or even cypress. The modern market produces such a wide range of design in oak furniture of different finishes and prices as to make an appropriate choice for such a room comparatively simple.

Mahogany or painted or willow furniture affiliates better than does oak with painted woodwork, especially if painted in ivory or white or light tones. Oak and mahogany are so at variance in character and texture that they will not mix. Willow and painted furniture affording great variety in form and color will fit well together.