For Thickening And Strengthening The Hair

Skim the fat from the top of calves' feet while boiling; mix with a teaspoonful of rum; shake together. Apply night and morning.


Take white mutton suet, four pounds, well boiled in hot water, (three quarts,) and washed to free it from salt. Melt the suet when dried with one pound and a half of fresh lard, and two pounds of yellow wax. Pour into an earthen vessel, and stir till it is cold; then beat into it thirty drops of oil of cloves, or any other essential oil whose scent you prefer. If this is too hard, use less wax.

Or:- Soak half a pound of clear beef-marrow, and a pound of unsalted fresh lard, in water, two or three days, changing and beating it every day. Put it into a sieve, and when dry, into a jar, and the jar into a saucepan of water. When melted, pour it into a basin, and beat it with two spoonfuls of brandy; drain off the brandy, and then add essence of lemon, bergamot, or any other scent that is liked.

Pomade Victoria

This highly praised and excellent pomade is made in the following way - and if so made, will be found to give a beautiful gloss and softness to the hair:- Quarter of a pound of honey and half an ounce of beeswax simmered together for a few minutes, and then strain; and of oil of almonds, lavender, and thyme, half a drachm each. Be sure to continue stirring till quite cold, or the honey and wax will separate. Imitation Bear's Grease. - Hog's lard, sixteen ounces; flowers of benzoin and palm oil, of each quarter of an ounce. Melt together until combined, and stir until cold. Scent at pleasure. This will keep a long time.

Sweet Pot-Pourri

Take three hand-fuls of orange-flowers, three of clove-gillyflowers, three of damask-roses, one of knotted marjoram, one of lemon-thyme, six bay-leaves, a handful of rosemary, one of myrtle, half of mint, one of lavender, the rind of a lemon, and quarter of an ounce of cloves. Chop all, and put them in layers, with pounded bay-salt between, up to the top of a china jar.

If all the ingredients cannot be got at once, put them in as you get them; always throwing in salt with every new article.

How To Make Wash-Balls

Shave thin two pounds of new white soap into about a teacupful of rose-water, then pour as much boiling water on as will soften it. Put into a brass pan a pint of sweet oil, four pennyworth of oil of almonds, half a pound of spermaceti, and set all over the fire till dissolved; then add the soap and half an ounce of camphor that has first been reduced to powder by rubbing it in a mortar, with a few drops of spirits of wine, or lavender-water, or any other scent. Boil ten minutes, then pour it into a basin, and stir it till it is quite thick enough to roll up into hard balls, which must then be done as soon as possible. If essence is used, stir it in quickly after it is taken off the fire, that the flavor may not fly off.

Paste For Chapped Hands

Mix a quarter of a pound of unsalted hog's lard, which has been washed in soft water, and then rose-water, with the yolks of two new-laid eggs, and a large spoonful of honey. Add as much fine oatmeal or almond-paste as will work into a paste.

Or:- Blanch one pound of bitter almonds, pound them smooth in a marble mortar; add half an ounce of camphor, one ounce of honey, quarter of a pound of spermaceti, all pounded, and mixed with the almonds, till it becomes a smooth paste. Put it into jars or china boxes, and tie it down till wanted.

For Chapped Lips

Put quarter of an ounce of benjamin, storax, and spermaceti, pennyworth of alkanet-root, a large juicy apple chopped, a bunch of black grapes bruised, quarter of a pound of unsalted butter, and two ounces of beeswax, into a new tin saucepan. - Simmer gently till the wax, etc, are dissolved, and then strain it through linen. When cold, melt it again, and pour it into small pots of boxes; or, if to make cakes, use the bottoms of teacups.

Cosmetic Gloves

Though not altogether fashionable now, these gloves are still worn by those who are subject to chaps and chilblains: the ladies especially use them; hence the necessity of always being provided with a small stock.

Gants Cosmetiques Au Bouquet

Wax, four drachms; spermaceti, four drachms; white soap, four drachms; mutton suet seven drachms.

Mince up each of these substances separately, melt them over a water-bath, and add: Olive oil, an ounce and a half; pomade rosat, one ounce and a half; benzoin, one drachm; Peru balsam, one drachm; essence of roses, some drops; honey water, au bouquet, half an ounce. Stir together until the mixture is complete, and, whilst the mass is still hot, apply it with a brush to the wrong sides of the gloves. The gloves being returned, are blown up, and put by in a warm place to dry.

Or:- Beat two yolks of eggs with two spoonfuls of oil of sweet almonds, and add half an ounce rose water and two drachms tincture of benzoin.

The gloves are worn during the night, and each pair should serve two weeks. The rest of the pomade answers for rubbing the hands.

Lait De Rose (Milk Of Rose)

To one ounce of fine olive oil, and six drops of oil of tartar, add a quart of rose water. Melt together, in a stoneware vessel, over a water-bath: Spermaceti, one ounce; white wax, one ounce; white soap, one ounce. Rub up in a marble mortar bitter almonds (best quality), two ounces; sweet almonds, best quality, one pound. Take out three-fourths, and upon the remaining fourth pour the above mixture, and continue rubbing actively, and afterwards add, by degrees, the other three-fourths of the almonds, always pestling rapidly so as to thoroughly incorporate the mixture.

Again prepare in a white-glass bottle the following mixture:-Distilled water, two pounds; rose water, half a pound; spirit of rose, half a pound. Reserve a pint, and pour gradually into the rest the first, and rub well all the while; then strain through a close cloth, and return the marc to the mortar, where, being triturated with the pint above reserved, it is again strained, and the liquid united with the first.

If there is any tendency to decomposition, shake up the milk freely. To augment the fragrance of this composition, perfume with four drops essence of rose.

Violet Powder

Wheat starch, twelve pounds; orris-root powder, two pounds; otto of lemon, half an ounce; otto of bergamot, a quarter of an ounce; otto of cloves, two drachms.

Rose Face Powder

Wheat starch, seven pounds; rose pink, half a drachm; otto of rose, two drachms; otto of santal, two drachms.

Perle Powder

French chalk, one pound; oxide of bismuth, one ounce; oxide of zinc, one ounce.

Poudre De La Mer Rouge, By Cambou, Paris

Take alum, one pound; white sugar, one ounce; gum arabic (best), one ounce; carmine, one ounce. Mix and reduce the whole to an impalpable powder, and sieve through a fine cloth.

This powder, its author says, is curative of the ringworm, red blotches, and pimples.

It is tied up loosely in a bag, and this bag, moistened with fresh water, is rubbed gently over the skin.