Shin of beef

Cold water



Bay leaf



6 pounds

3 quarts

1/2 teaspoonful


3 sprigs 1 sprig


Carrot Turnip Onion Celery


2 sprigs

1/2 cup each cut in dice

1 tablespoonful

Wipe beef and cut the lean meat in inch cubes. Brown one third of the meat in fat cut from meat or marrow from a marrow bone. Put remaining two thirds with bone and fat in soup kettle, add water and let stand for thirty minutes. Place on back of range, add browned meat, and heat gradually to the boiling point. Cover and cook slowly six hours, keeping below the boiling point during cooking. Add the vegetables and seasonings, cook one and one half hours, strain and cool as quickly as possible. This is called soup stock.

To Clarify Bouillon

When stock is cold, remove fat which has hardened on top and put quantity to be cleared into a stew pan. Allow white and shell of one egg to each quart of stock. Put over fire and stir constantly until boiling point is reached. Boil two minutes. Set back on stove and let simmer twenty minutes. Remove scum and strain through double thickness of cheesecloth.