Turnip Carrot





3 pounds

4 cups, cut in 1/4 inch slices

2/3 cup each, cut in half inch cubes

1/2 small one, cut in thin slices 1/4 cup

Wipe meat, out in If 1/2 inch cubes, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and dredge with flour. Cut some of the fat in small pieces and try out in frying pan. Add meat and stir constantly, that the surface may be quickly seared. When well browned, put in kettle, and rinse frying pan with boiling water, that none of the flavor may be lost. Cover with boiling water and boil five minutes, then cook below the boiling point until meat is tender (about 3 hours). Add vegetables except potatoes and seasoning the last hour of cooking. Parboil potatoes five minutes and add to stew 15 minutes before taking from fire.

Teacher's Note

Broiled steak would be suitable for group work, using small steaks (Delmonico cut). A small roast may be prepared by a group and roasted after class. This meat and that left from the steak should be used in a subsequent class for a lesson on left over meat. Broiled or pan-broiled chops may be prepared individually.

Thicken stew with 1/4 cup flour mixed with enough cold water to pour easily. Pour in deep hot platter and surround with dumplings.